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You probably heard the rumour about a new Virtual Boy coming out in 2005. I wondered what you all think about it…

I for myself am not sure about it. On the one hand it would take away the uniqueness from the Virtual Boy and make it less interesting, but on the other hand a VB2 with today’s technical possibilities would be what the Virtual Boy should have been, but couldn’t because it was too much ahead of it’s time . Imagine a unit the size of a pair of sunglasses, powered by Lithium Ion Accus, with a cordless controller (maybe with 2 analog sticks) and fully colored games 😎 So I think the bottom line is, yes, I would like to see a new Virtual Boy.

What’s your opinion about a VB2, how would or wouldn’t you like it to be, and which games would you love to play on it?


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VB2 would be awesome!!
I think it should be the size of sunglasses, that would be awesome.
You need to think about what Gunpei wanted the original to be like, and then deliver what he originally wanted.

yeah sam, you are right in that point.all what we all here are trying to do is not forget one of the freakiest and coolest console ever, but nintendo never would make any new games for the vb, thats fact, they would also never release any of the finished titles. So theres only one chance to have a “relaunch” of the vb: a completely new system. real portable now and very small with cool features like wireless controller, full body rumble and vb port ;). and i think when there really comes a “VB2” that would also push up our little forgotten red friend :vbsmile: , nintendo won’t be able to get around it to mention the grandfather of the new system.

Hey DrAetzn, your VB2 will cost around a arm and a leg πŸ™‚ I dont want to blow all your hope but, the chance are slim to see another Virtual Boy. The fact is, im a VB fan and I can’t stop to thinking about a second VB system. I cross my fingers and my toes to see (Welcome to the third dimension, take your controler, put your VB2 on your face and see you out off this world!) one of these days…. maybe spring 2004???

Here is the form I want the VB2 to take:

1) Console (i.e. not “portable.”)

2) VGA output standard, _maybe_ (HD)TV as an _option._ Am I the only one that realizes how _cheap_ old (S)VGA monitors are?!?!

3) Anaglyph mode standard, shutter-glasses and (eventually) HMD/dual-projection as add-ons. Anaglyph glasses are _free,_ (!) which solves the “Other people can’t play with me/watch me play!” argument!

4) Use GC controllers, (including GBA linking) to SAVE ME (the consumer) MONEY!

5) Networking would be cool, but not really necessary. VB link port a MUST! And, INCLUDE THE FREAKING CABLE, THIS TIME!

6) Stop trying to prevent hacking; it won’t work! Make it open, instead!

Thank you for reading. Please pass this along to anyone you know working at Nintendo. πŸ˜‰

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Some news on the topic, from an article by Bloomberg Japan published this morning.
Nintendo of Japan’s Managing Director Yoshihiro Mori confirmed that the new Nintendo product will be released in Japan at the end of 2004, and if it’s possible they want to release it worldwide then. The new hardware will be presented on the next E3…

PR Manager Project VB2, NoJ

are they really making a virtual boy 2? do you know what it looks like?

are they really making a virtual boy 2?

Although I would love to see a backwards-compatible VB2, part of me knows it isn’t gonna happen…

Latest news: Nintendo’s President Iwata said that the new product will not be a new Game Boy or Gamecube, but a completely new console, which be sold parallel to the other two. What else could it be if not VB2 ;D

i am really confused about this words from iwata. who knows? but even if it is a vb2, i am sure it wont have anyrhing together with the “real” vb and of course it will have a completely new name. i just hope if vb2 comes it will also push the vb a bit.

Now I’ve heard of a new system that Nintendo is comming out with in 2005 possably 2006. Never have I heard rumours of another “Virtual” system. I would love it if they did. I love my VB I finally found a site dedicated to this system today and also finally got my 2nd virtual boy to start experimenting on making a head mounted unit, but for some reason I doubt a 2nd Virtual Boy will ever see light. I would love it if it did but highly doubt it.

Well… new interesting quotes: Yesterday, Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun newspaper asked Mr. Iwata “The ‘new product of a different nature’ that will be unveiled this Spring — what kind of game is it?”, and he answered “Game creation has in various ways, met a deadlock, over the past twenty years, games have followed a straight path in development that have made them more complex and good looking. This law of growth and success is no more. Put frankly, games have stopped selling. We want to offer to customers a play experience that they’ve never had before. We’re not expecting everyone to cheer following the announcement. It’s okay if ten percent of the people say the product is ‘interesting’ and word spreads with people finding themselves wanting to try it.” Continuing on the specific nature of the product, Iwata stated: “We want to make a game that returns to the point that anyone can play it. However, our company does not support a product that combines software and hardware into one. The product uses a platform, but it does not fit into the specifications of the current hardware platforms.”

aka ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;,

There are new infos about the new nintendo-project on nintendo.de-newletter:

It has 2 3″ TFT-Displays and is now as a project-name called “Nintendo DS” (DS=Doublescreen)

the link is:



Weeeell, seems like the VB2 rumours were true after all, but not the way we hoped… ~_~

Just because they don’t plan to take advantage of the 2 screens for stereoscopy, doesn’t mean a 3rd party or hobbyist can’t.

As long as the screens are equal in size, capabilities, and vertical position, it shouldn’t be hard at all. It’ll just be a bit harder to fuse the two images. Although, depending on the shape of the device, it might be possible to fashion an HMD from it.

I definitely think their idea of two completely different images is retarded, but anything with even the capability of stereoscopy is okay in my book.

I’ll wait until i’ve seen it to pass judgement.


This new 2-screen system sonuds kick ass, I don’t see why your all whining about it.


I’d love to see it but I don’t think I will:

The whole real 3D industrie is not going well anyway. I bought a pair of virtual IO 3D glasses years ago. It was such a flop they gave this to me for 180 swissfrancs headtracker inclusive(new in store). Initial price of bouth over 2000. even now though tecnology has encreased noone wants to buy stuff like that and there is no support from the gaming industrie. Don’t know why. But one good thing. Nvidea has brought out a stero plugin for g-force cards that allow tho play any 3d game in stereo. It’s a lot of fun playing UT 2004 or gothic 2. Havent tried farcry yet. Problem. Res. max. is 640×480 and the pixels aren’t propperly connected. What I mean is you get thin black bars between them making it look like neogeo arcade. Still happy to have bought this at that time. the only real support at that time were hexen(diden’t like it) and descent. There is a new version of the i-glasses by now. 600×800 isent too good though.

Have fun

I just love stereo

It has graphics of the N64 on the top screen and just 2D graphics on the bottom (for maps and stuff)

It really is a COMPLETELY different system from the v-boy

If you want a VB2, you have to made it by your self…nintendo will never made a VB again, thats for sure…

I hate this choice but…. i agree with Fire-WSP… =(

Geo12, the bottom screen is a touch-screen tylus which is supposed to ‘revolutionize’ gaming, it’s 3-d also, and it’s supposedly linked to the Big N’s next console, code named the ‘Revolution’, the whole thing sounds like a gimmick to me, which is why I’m waitin for PSP


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