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Hi, I wonder if anyone here can help me?

I live in the UK and have a US Virtual Boy. I recently got hold of a AC Adaptor Tap, now all i need is the AC Adaptor itself.
I’ve heard the AC adaptor is 10v though i’ve noticed a number of websites say you can use the SNES adaptor, which i think is 9v.

Can i use a US SNES or NES AC adaptor to power the VB (with a step-down convetor), or alternatively, can i use my 9v adaptor which came with my UK SNES and NES?

All help would be appreciated,


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Hey tanooki!

The Virtual Boy AC Adapter is exactly the same as the SNES one, but I think you have to use a US one, because others won’t fit. But give it a try with your UK Adapter anyway, maybe they have different plugs than the german ones which don’t fit.
(On a side note, DrAetzn said that his german SNES Adapter did fit, but mine doesn’t :-?)


yeah, really weird. both the same pal version and both different pins..

i would also try with the uk one tanooki, if it does not fit you will get the right one for about 2 dollars on ebay.com

Thanks KR155E and DrAetzn.
I’ve checked it out and the plug from my PAL SNES seems to fit into the connector on the VB AC Adaptor Tap. I have yet to plug it in to the mains though.
I take it from your reply DrAetzn, that you are using a PAL SNES mains adaptor to power your Virtual Boy? Do you encounter any problems with this?


no, never had any problems. i also use a pal acadapter on my jap. n64.. it works! dont ask me why but it works.

Just be carefull with the voltage eh? don’t frie your system like I almost did with my Super Famicom. I’ll never make that mistake twice. 😀


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