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I own the following

Jack Bros- Jap Version
Red Alarm
V tetris-Jap Version
Mario tennis-who doesn’t have it
Galactic pinball
Jap version of base ball also have american version
Verticle Force

I really really want

3d tetris and all those other 500$ vb games such as space invaders etc.

Anyone care to sell a game? I would. But I collect!

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What is with this plague of idiots posting in the wrong board?!?!

There’s a reason the forum is divided into sections, retards!!!!

There’s no excuse for it!

Hey there all…

I just bought a 7 lot of games off e-bay for $100 US – got Jack Bros, 3D Tetris, Nesters, Pinball and a few doubles that I already have including the US version of Golf, and I already have the JAP version –

So, I have 2 games I would consider selling

JAP golf (pretty sweet game) and Telero Boxing

Anybody interested?


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