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I recently sent DogP (Pat) my Virtual Boy which had garble in the left eye and he fixed it perfectly. He can also fix lines in the display too. I trusted him and paid him via paypal and just want to say he is an honest person and highly recommended if you have lines or garble in one or both of your displays.

Have a great day!

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Cool… glad it got back to you and everything’s working well. I’ve fixed a bunch of my own, and tried dropping/shaking them, but never shipped one after being fixed, so it’s good to know that it can withstand a beating from the USPS too πŸ˜‰ .


My VB has horzontal lines in the left eye sometimes, but not always. What does this mean?

Try reading some threads before blindly posting next time. 😐

Dude, DogP. Share the wealth! What’s your secret?

I know the problem with the system lies in the interface between the board and the ribbon, but what’s your fix? I know you do it for fun and profit and all that, but I’m not about to send you either of my VB’s from Australia. lol

I’m guessing hes doing whats already been said: heating the glue on the cable to reaffix it to the board.

My old Virtual boy had a lens that fell out of place so it could sort of push in farther than it should have. I found a perfect working replacment at value village for ten bucks (canadian dollars)

Sorry to bump such an old post, but I get PM’s all the time from people asking whether I can repair their VB, and I noticed that this post is the first result on google for Virtual Boy repair, so I figured I’d post here.

First of all, sorry… I don’t have time to repair VBs anymore. Although it’s not terribly difficult, it is time consuming, and between working full time, working on my Master’s Degree, and still trying to have time to do stuff I enjoy, I just don’t have time to do it anymore.

If you’re a DIY kinda person, I’ve got a page dedicated to repairing it: http://www.projectvb.com/displayfix.html , and there’s a sticky on this forum that discusses the various methods. The most difficult part is getting into the VB, but with the correct security bit, it can be done (the 4 deepest holes are too deep for a standard bit).

Once open, the oven method is the easiest, but least likely to permanently fix the VB. Soldering the cable is the most permanent, but requires some soldering skill, and possibly some chemicals (depending how you expose the copper).



I Know DogP had stopped the Repair Services, but I’ll Throw my hat in the ring πŸ˜›

Get your Virtual Boy Repaired here!


I’ve been fixing Virtual Boys for years,
Now I’m going public with it πŸ˜›

Let me know what you need ^-^


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