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I have been wondering if anyone would like help me take on the tasks of creating a Metroid and Resident Evil game for VB, and eventually a Crystalis port(NES), if you are then IM me at: CaliPunk84…later…

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What kind of support would you need? Programmers, graphic/sound artists, (level) designers?

Well, I am currently learning the basics of VB programming, so yes I would need programmers, graphic/sound artists, and level desingers…And anyone interested in assiting me with writing the stories, character develop and plot…AIM me at: CaliPunk84

And on the record I did not mean a resident evil game, I meant a survival-horror style game, that we could create completely ourselves…

RunnerPack and I were talking about a Metroid-type game. But that was a very long time ago. Nothing ever came of it.

I’m busy with exams atUni the moment so i won’t free untill July/August. I would be up for helping especially programing wise (although all i know is C and a bit of C++, but im sure i can pick it up)


mhm that sounds good…a metroid game would be great!
i can help with some stuff…

I’ll definitely help with a Metroid-type game! (As long as you don’t mean Prime 😉

You’re on your own with the survival horror one, though… Blecch!


Instead of creating games, create a new vb…

If we were to make a horror game I might be able to draw up a few sketches and make some characters. And I could write up the story too. But thats all. Im very new to programming and dont know much.

But I would be glad to give you some sketches and a story line.
IM at: J4K3Rx


so has anything been started yet?


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