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Hi everyone!
I thought I should post some screenshots of my VB game in development: Virtual Wario Ware

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Wow Dan, this looks KEWL, looks like a lot of fun! :woah:

Any idea yet which and how much mini games you plan to put in it? Any making essential use of the 3D?

I am speechless for now…


looks very cool.. cant wait to see more or have it one days in my vb.. :vbsmile:

Dan, ABSOLUTLY respect, really awesome work!

Please mail me, wanna talk ’bout something important. 🙂

Virtual Wario Ware looks like very good.
I hope for many funny MiniGames!

Excellent work. Hope to see it eventually.
And I love the ‘V’BA border 😉

I’d lose the border, you’re making the VB look like the crappy GBA, with bad lighting. 😉

… so at this point how many think this was a hoax?

Some people still have to actually work instead of just coding VB games…

If you want him to finish, pay his bills so he can quit his job 😛

(But, he’ll still have to finish my PCB before working on WarioWare, right Dan? ;-))


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