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Hi fellow VB fans!
I have a VB I would like to sell. I bought it from Software, Etc. (remember them?) back in 95. It was their demonstration unit, the last one they had.

Package includes:
* Original box
* Manual
* Virtual Boy w/ eyepiece
* Controller
* Stand
* Battery pack
* Mario Tennis

Pictures here

The box shows quite a bit of wear & tear. The plastic piece on the stand where the legs come together broke, but the stand still works. Also, just recently the right screen has started to show the common horizontal lines/garbled image problem. It comes and goes, and seems to get better the longer the unit is on. I don’t want to bother with taking the VB apart to fix it, which is why I’m hoping someone with the time/tools will want to buy it 🙂

Please email if interested. masterfurny(AT)gmail[DOT]com

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apparently HTML doesn’t work in this forum. here is the URL to the pics: http://home.comcast.net/~deguz/garagesale/

how much? I would like to buy it.


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