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I wanted to know what all the VB games are worth today.
If I’ve overlooked it in the site… Sorry! Post ether. Thanks!

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Prices always vary more or less, so we don’t have a price guide on PVB… it would just be too much work to always keep it updated. For a rough orientation on VB game prices, you could check vb-store.com.
If anyone wants to make and maintain a VB price guide, please go ahead and open a thread πŸ˜€

I didn’t want to have an alltime actual list of of all the vb games.
But some people know the normal prizes for a vb game. And those I’m asking. Except for insmouse and other rare games, what would be too much too pay?
Here’s my list:

Mario Tennis: 8,15€ complete.
Golf: 17€ complete.
Wario Land: 36€ complete.
VL Baseball: 6,36€ complete.
Red Alarm: 11.50€ with Manual.
Galactic Pinball: 12€ just the cardridge.

and two VB systems without price. πŸ™‚

Was it too much?

It wasen’t too much. You wouldent buy it if it wasent. You probably could have gotten away much cheaper then this(were there any shipping costs extra?) but don’t worry. Just enjoy the games. Oh and if you want to know if a price is good you also need to mention if it’s a japanese or us game. Warioland RedAlarm GalacticPinaball Golf


Thanks so far!

The prizes I’ve named are all with shipping cost, so the price I’ve really payed.

And the games are all the american version.

And yes I will enjoy them!

In american funds, here’s approximately what I’ve seen on ebay lately (past few months):

i am not listing demo versions!

New In Box unless specified, US version unless specified (unless Japan only, of course)

3D Tetris – I saw it recently for buy it now at $85
Galactic Pinball – around $12 loose, $25 NIB
Golf – $7
Insmouse No Yakata – $85 buy it now
Jack Bros. – loose around $30, sometimes $40 buy it now
Mario Clash – loose around $20
Mario’s Tennis – $5 loose, box is expensive
Nester’s Funky Bowling – WAY over $100, don’t remember?
Panic Bomber – $8 japanese version
Red Alarm – $12
SD Gundam Dimension War – up to $1000+
Space Invaders Virtual Collection – up to $2000+
Space Squash – $150
Teleroboxer – $12 loose
V-Tetris – $7 or less
Vertical Force – US $25, Japanese $15
Virtual Bowling – $250?
Virtual Boy Wario Land – loose $20, up to $40 NIB
Virtual Fishing – up to $100 or so???
Virtual Lab – $150
Virtual League Baseball – US version $2 or less, Japan $6 (you can always find a lot of 6 or more US VLBs for like $10… it’s sad)
Waterworld USA Ocean – $35-$60 mint in box (this one dropped a LOT recently for some odd reason)

I may be a little off with the rarer titles, but that’s what I’ve seen at some point in time.

I know that those of you in the UK are having a harder time, but search for US sellers who will ship internationally to avoid being ripped off. I’ve noticed UK bids going ridiculous.

the hardware is hilariously priced – $20+ for the AC adaptor mib, head unit (bare) around $10, eyeshade $10+, official headphones $25, the stand i’ve seen go for as much as $30! ???

it seems the best bet to start off is go with a lot, it’s easier because many people look for specific games. I’ve seen some RARE games in lots that don’t end for very much, like system with stand and eyeshade+ac adaptor +hard case +5 commons +Nester’s Funky bowling ended at only around $200 a few weeks ago… I was kicking myself. Some people also don’t list VB under video games (like under toys because they’re idiots), and they go for less sometimes.
I just do a generic search (all categories) for “virtual boy” (in quotes), and “search title and description” checked off. That way you get both the “vintage games” and “other games” sections (where VB stuff is most commonly placed), as well as miscellaneous listings elsewhere.

happy VB hunting…

I obtained my copy of Space squash for $60.01 on eBay + shipping. I have seen Virtual bowling actually sell for about $700-$800 on eBay. But, many people seem to ask more than that for it. Same goes for SD Gundam.

Sir William (A.K.A. Opeth)

Thanks for the update. Yeah, Space Squash seems much more appropriate a game to pay less than $100 for. I prefer Cosmic Smash on Dreamcast myself πŸ˜‰

I must have been really tired when I wrote that list to say only $250 for Virtual Bowling!!! Gah!!!

Just wanted to add that I’m in a great mood tonight, because I finally got my copy of Galactic Pinball in the mail today that I ordered months ago… it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! I’m a pinball addict, and there’s not many more (legal) games for me to collect, so whenever I find an awesome one it gets me that much closer to a state of absolute bliss.


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