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Well I try to unlock all the tracks and cars in Racing Evoluzione on Xbox… very taff game. πŸ™‚

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in time i try to beat fzero gx on geamecube.. i also try to beat bangai o on dreamcast and when i am away i play zelda 3 for gba.

Here’s one to NOT play: Vexx


I’m playing F-zero GX right now and some Street Fighter Third Strike on DC… Oh, and Resident Evil 0.

Like the old saying: ‘Gota beat them all’

What do you think about RE0? I hated it more the further I progressed in the game, it just offered nothing new, besides the two “two-player” system which they had to make more out of… why didn’t they make it a real 2 player game? πŸ™

Well I am playing Day of the Tentacle again, on gpScummVM.. Ah the memories, what a great game it was and still is! Too bad that 2D Point&Click Adventures like that or Indiana Jones are not made anymore today πŸ™ I didn’t play Sam&Max or any Monkey Island game yet, though, so there will be lot to do after I finished DOTT πŸ™‚


For RE0. It’s a cool game but, like you said, it does not offer really anything new. But the gameplay is still intact and there nothing really ‘wrong’ with it… I like it alot, but I still perfer the ‘rebirth’ version of the 1st.

What’s ‘day of the tentacle’? when did it came out? I also enjoy point and click adventures (well I enjoy any type of games), the last one I got into even if it was a little too easy was Dracula resurection on PC. It’s a fun little game with lots of great photorealistic backgrounds.

Astonisha Story R on GP32… I’m playing it even at work. (x_X)

How do you do this without knowing Korean, Freeze? o_O

Well, Day of the Tentacle came out in 1993 by Lucas Arts and was the successor to Maniac Mansion which you might know. It has an incredibly neat graphical style, great animations, a big portion of humor and what-not. Try it out πŸ™‚


i play doom2 on my gp32, and it really rules like in the old days. i a m not a big fan of ego shooters, but doom is doom =)

I’m playing Day of the Tentacle PC CDROM in DOS 6.22 I’m built a DOS machine with a Soundblaster 2.0 and Roland MT-32 MIDI and Trying to beat Silpheed, while scumvee is great, I’d just love vintage games. Zeliard is also my favorite, kinda like side scrolling Zelda. I have the Original Day of Tentacle DOS CD & Maniac Mansion

Hey guys! Just finished Lament of innocence (the Castlevania on PS2). The game is pretty cool, but the storyline needs some MAJOR work.

I should get my hands on Day of tentacle, I often hear about it, but never tried it.

/me is playing Halo (Xbox), Super Metroid (SNES) & Flashback (SNES) at the moment.
Btw, Day of the Tentacle ROCKS!!

Cool, I guess I’ll try to find it. πŸ˜€


I have an auktion ending on ebay tonight for Day of the Tentacle and many other Lucasfilm Games. When not playing lucasfilm games I played a lot of that in the last fiew days:

Air See war and Tankwars( Philips G7000)
Tetris(NES, Virtual Boy)
Mario clash(VB)
Galactic Pinball(VB)
Street Gangs(NES) This is in my top 3 List of best games ever.
Oh and last but not least:
Monopoly(Mega drive) and all Mario Party games(N64, GC)
cause my girlfriend likes to play those too.

hopfully i will be playing WoW really soon, too bad you need to pay for it every month tho -.-

Age of Mythology. awesome game.

xbox (live) – halo 2 and crimson skies
nes – snake rattle n roll
snes – rock n roll racing and super street fighter 2

i’m playing galactic pinball right now πŸ˜€

I’m playing Doom 3 with 3d glasses.

Mario Clash, i want to clear all stages damit! ^^

Vexx is a great game. You suck.


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