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Just curious.

I am absolutely crazy for “Leitmotif” by Dredg and Glassjaw’s “Worship & Tribute” at the moment.

All-time favorite band is Tool though, yeaaah πŸ˜€


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Rammstein’s Du Hast has got to be my all time favorite song πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ . No… sorry, I’m kidding, I just know how much you germans LOVE Rammstein :P. I’d have to say my favorite all time band is Black Sabbath, I couldn’t really give you a favorite song, although Master of Reality is probably my favorite album. About new music, most of it sucks IMO…


Well at the moment I really love to listen to the Potshot & Suicide Machines Split CD, even if there are only 4 tracks on it. I heard it about 100 times and it’s still fun. :Q

Additionally the last days I listen to “The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still” by the New Bomb Turks and “Ihr habt es so gewollt” by No Exit.

‘groop dogdrill: every six seconds’. i don’t know when i buyed this album, but at the moment i really like listening to it again. it’s a mixture of punckrock and noise πŸ˜‰
st. anger form metallica is also good.

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Those at the chatroom should kno by now, but anyway

Metallica – One
On the …And Justice For All Album

oh yea, rammstien is wicked good too, heavy metal rocks

also, i agree with dogp, a lot of this new music sux

Classic rock is always my main focus in music, i really like the band Boston.

As for new music, I like Nickelback and System of a Down.

Yeah, SOAD rocks!
I now got Kyuss – The Best Of and it rocks!
About Metallica, my favorite song of them is Enter Sandman.


Hmm… right now I listen to Anti-Flag again, haven’t paid attention to them for a few month now.

Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
Anone knows this one? Has a few lows but also breath-taking heights, definitely a great piece of music. *jump* *scream*


The Dudoos – Specrium Sommer!!

Aaaah, Japanese are really one of the sickest ppl in the world! This album is a Japanese mixture between Punkrock with recorder and organ, they’re singing Japanese, English and German at once and all sounds really sick.

I personnaly don’t have many bands in wich I’m interrested. But that does not mean I don’t cranck up de stereo with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and other great artist.

BUt I do have (speeking of japanese) are video game soundtracks. Since I always listen to the music when playing, I developped a passion for video game music.

My favorite is of course the soundtrack of Castlevania (espacialy the ‘prefect selection: Dracula Battle 1 and 2’), Dragon Warrior (or ‘quest’ in jap), King of Fighters, Street Fighters etc…

Maybe I should listen to some dudoos I never heard of them.

I’m listen to Europe and Axel Rudi Pell at the moment.

right now I like black sabbath alot and i agree that Master Of reality is there best album. AS for current fav song ide have to say “The Meadow” by hed p.e.

as for the japanese guy that listens to soundtracks of games i admit theyre decently cool but youre a nerd big time.

Right now I like: Iron Maiden, MEGADETH, OzzY, SlipKnot, Dying Fetus, Cradle Of Filth, Napalm Death, PANTERA, Dir En Grey, The Pillows, DeerHoof, Mr. Dibbs, Dead Kennedys, Origin, System Of a Down, Black Sabbath, The Sex Pistols, Static-X, Tetris music ^^;, And MANY MORE! =)

I like The Killers, a British band.

I like Ultima Thule, too bad my friends throw out all my albums last time we had a party here -.- It’s vikinga rock if someone was woundering (i doubt it tho) ^^

my all time favorite is metallica followed by a tie between tool and korn. but right now im listening to Soil, a metal band from chicago.

Right now I’m listening to John Frusciante. He released 7 albums in the past year! Its really hard to pick a favorite out of them all, probably The DC EP is my favorite.

Also listening to Joy Division, The Germs, Atari Teenage Riot, and Miles Davis.

Does someone know Tribalistas? They are from Brazil and everytime I hear this Song by them “Ya sei namorar” it reminds me on my working days in Sao Paolo… :’-(

Maybe you guys know this song from the Fifa 2004 Soundtrack

Yeah, John Frusciante is great! I like all of his albums very much, despite the one featuring Josh Klinghoffer ;P I’d say my favorite is “The Will to Death”, but I don’t have got the DC EP…

Following in the soundtracks to games and slightly off subject have you checked out Kaiju Big Battel http://www.envisionmktgconcepts.com/ecards/kaiju/


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