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when it’s done ;P

well, didn’t do anything with it for a long time. never again heard from the guy who was writing the story script…

How far along was the script? Is that the only thing holding you back? I never played the silent hill games so I’m not sure what a script for one would entail.

the first chapter was done, the guy planned several others. so if i picked the game up again, i’d need
* a new story (could send the old script to give an idea)
* someone who’d render the settings in 3-d
* an idea how to implement sound, because silent hill isn’t silent hill without the creepy sound effects and music

here’s how the game looks in the latest version:
(the scene from wario land is only a placeholder for silent hill-esque 3-d settings of course xD)

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Hmmm as for the 3d settings What do you need? If you kept it simple I could use actual photos. I live on the mountain in the woods and can do ghost effects and such with the program adobe after effects. As for rendering full 3d scenes with cg I could but don’t have the time. (well I might but I need to keep my head above water)

I have swords knives guns, and costume pieces like a gasmask and other such things. I can only of course play myself but I can dress up for certain parts. And if you needed a woman my girlfriend might offer to help. If its all just photography like that I could help, but I’m limited in my setting. I got woods with a stream. Ive got areas of huge rocks. I have a 2 SUV’s. I have cats (but getting them in the photo might be tricky) and some dogs but I’m not sure if they are frightening enough.

Its all I can offer at the moment.

I’m sure I can help with the music. I can make up some tense and psychadelic stuff when I want to. This has got me excited XD

Ok so this is what I’ve got so far. The virtual boy can generate background maps of 512×512 pixels. Now is that all displayed on the screeen at one time? I mean 512×512 is a perfect square, unless its squashed or cropped it won’t fit on the vb’s screen. what’s the vb’s resolution at anyway? it’d be neat if it were at 1024×512 but I highly doubt that given what I’ve seen. I’m just trying to get a grasp for the resolution the images can be at. Furthermore I’d need to know the virtual boy palette to see what kind of quality the images can go on. I know its all red colors which is just fine, but how many shades of red are we talking here? 256 is my guess.

With the sound, is the only problem the fact that emulators don’t support sound? is it yet possible to rom dump on to a cartridge?

We should ask Bryan Provinciano to take a look at this thing. He’s always interested in obscure gaming systems and while the virtual boy isn’t obscure it is very largely ignored. I think it was very innovative and its a shame that it failed because it seems like it was ahead of its time. It’ll be a long time before someone tries that again. Its like it kicked virtual reality off the map for a while… 🙁

Tis a shame because with today’s technology we could certainly pull a number with VR. I mean full polygonal full color stereoscopic 3d games with some kind of gloves or controls like car controls or stuff like that would just rule.

Sorry I’m off topic ranting here…

Anyway back on topic

The faceball thing looks like it might not fly with the lack of available programmers here, but this thing has more promis as its your project and you’re the programmer. So I think maybe this project is my best bet. Like I said, 3d cgi rendered stills is gonna be too much for me at this time, but 3d photos I can do no problem. I’d give you a pair of bitmaps for each scene already set for the sterescoping. Just gotta overlay them or whatever. I could even help on the storyline but it’d have to be within my limited setting and actors/ props. But we’re still talking alot here. The reddish graphics ought to make things look pretty atmospheric and creepy. And this is stuff I love to do. I can add effects to the images like actual ghosts. I may even have some stuff that’ll pass off as creatures, maybe I could whip something up with clay and superimpose it into a photo still.

I’m really interested in doing this as a little side project. I’ve got a big project going at the moment with some friends, but I like to have a lot of projects and this sounds like a neat one.

God I keep editing this: 😀

Anyway here’s something I did with a 2d image by offsetting parts piece by piece.

You have to cross your eyes to see it. but I hope that gives you an idea on what I’m capable of.

Here’s another

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can one of you guys ike just give me a playbe damo of what you have so far ?

Ringman, the VB resolution is 384×224.
You would have realised that if you looked at the size of KR155E’s image above.

No not necessarily that was a screenshot taken from an emulator and then posted on a board. It could have been resized by either the emulator or the board. I wouldn’t have known for sure.

okey well if you like i can be the beta tester just tell m how to use this and all . also dos any one have a English pach for Silent Hill: Play Novel for the gba rom ?


google? but no, i don’t think there a patch. would like one too, though 🙂

hmmm well is there any one you no who wood be able to make one cz i relly want to play that game iv looked all over google so im kind of stumped

nope… otherwise i’d have already asked him to make some vb translation patches ;P

okey then i may be able to get some one to trenslate the words if i do that will you or who ever be able to form it in to a patch ?


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Krisse you interested in the idea of me using digital photos ported gameboy palette that are stereoscoped? If you want I can make you a test image.

Actually I whipped one up real quick, the colors aren’t right but here you go. Cross your eyes to see:

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oh that looks good. not really the right stuff for silent hill, but one could think of other projects. unfortunately i don’t have the time atm 🙁

btw, i never got those cross eye pictures to work for me 😉

Well I can make it so it works for 3d glasses. And I have a woods up near my house and there are boulders and fallen logs, and there’s plenty of houses nearby, I live on the mountain. I can make ghost effects too if needed.

Of course we still need someone to come up with the story.


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