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Why are 10 released homebrew games not reviewed and many don’t have descriptions,videos, pictures and credits some of them were released in 2003. Also are homebrew games emulator compatible if not then can their be a section on hombrew games that contain emulator compatibility. Also can the videos be implemented through youtube.

Demos are also not rated it won’t be too hard to give them a rating of A+ to -F.Some of the games are called demo but are in the games section.Also can their be videos of demo using youtube.

The vbaJA engine has been reviewed on the news page but not on the reviews page and the most interesting thing etch-A-sketch hasn’t been reviewed either.

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The picture icons on the top screen are very small and unnoticeable. Can they be made a lot bigger and you would hear a voice when you are near one plus scroll bars. Can their be a section in sections section called homebrew to increase notice in the homebrew page and even homebrew development. Also if you do make hombrew section can tech options be merged into it since they are practically the same.

I think this was asked a while ago, and I believe the reason some can and others can’t be reviewed is because some are actually substantial enough to get a review, while there’s no point in reviewing the really simple ones (something like “moving dot”… it does what it claims, and it does it well, but it’s a moving dot :-P). But the scene is small enough that even though it’s basically a worthless demo, it’s nice to have a complete list of what’s out there, and if the source is available, the source may be useful for other beginners.

BTW, I think posts like this should be under the PVB section, as it relates to this website rather than the Virtual Boy in general.


yep, moved.

some reviews are missing because i can’t even play games like 3d battlesnake, due to my link cable not working, and others are still in development, or are only simple demos not really worth reviewing.

lack of descriptions, multimedia and stuff is due to lack of time. i plan to update the section soon with all that stuff, though, and also add the new chrono trigger demo.

implementing videos through youtube? well, you can of course (if that’s what you mean) download any video from this site and upload it to youtube. everybody is doing it nowadays, anyway, so i don’t really care. 😛 a link to planet virtual boy in the video’s description would be nice, though.

So is pacman demo a demo if yes then why is in the games section and not demos?Also a lot of the videos don’t have sound.Isn’t MIDI Music Player a application?

Can their be 3 demo sections in the hombrew PAGE called game, animation and misc demos.Also you haven’t reviewed your own demos.

All the commercial games have ratings but when you click on some of them it says rating not available despite the fact that you have a complete virtual boy collection.

The only other flaw is that some of the companies have no details.

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Jeez, how about you just calm down and learn to live with things how they are?


Well Some time ago I posted reviews of some demos like Snowball Wars, Tron and Mario VB

Why don’t you type up the corrections and submit them to the admins? :thumpup:

Can the homebrew section have a emulator compatibility list. Are pacman demo and platformer demo demos and can their be at least be a game demo section so that we are able to tell the difference between game demos and other demos.

emulator (and hardware) compatability information is a very good idea, i think i will add that. anyone willing to compile a list, which homebrews run on hardware and the different emulators? pacman? 😀

the other idea is good as well, i will soon add some kind of flags to the homebrew games which indicate whether a game is complete or only a demo, or something like that.


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