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Don’t get me wrong, I love my VB but I’d just like to know why most of the games are really short? I can complete panic bomber in 40 mins, Vertical Force only has like 5 levels and Red Alarm is pretty short as well… Also, in comparison to other games in the Mario series, Wario Land is short too. Do the VB carts have a small amount of memory or something?

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all of the games are launch titles, so the good games never got made. Think about it, you cant name more than 2 launch titles for any systems that stuck around and were any good.


The SNES had a bunch of good launch titles.

Super Mario World, F-Zero, Super Castlevania IV, Gradius III, Actraiser… all of which are considered classics. And all those franchises except Actraiser are still coming out with new sequels today.

I guess SNES is the exception.

Yeah, thats what I was thinking. Quite a lot of the megadrive games are considered classics as well. Also, look at Super Mario World on the gameboy, that was one of the launch games for the GB, right? :-\ It just seems weird to me that the launch games for the VB are as short as they are.

I don’t think super mario was a launch title for the game boy, it was bundled with some game boys but not at launch. Now tetris was a launch title and it shows in the extrem simple game play. I have most of the launch titles for 20 platforms and I can honestly say that 90% of them are far inferior thain the games that came out even a year later. There just is not enough time between the release of the dev kit and launch day for people to push the system


Super Mario Land was a launch title. I know because I bought it and all of the Gameboy launch titles when they came out.
They were Alleyway, Baseball, Super Mario Land, and Tennis. Tetris came with the Gameboy. Super Mario World was never on Gameboy.

Who are you? Better yet…who let you in?

All that should matter here is I love my Virtual Boy. I just stated the facts. No one had to let me in.

Haha! Sorry, I was drunk when I made that last post and don’t even remember why I made it. You are right. Any VB fan is welcome here. 😀

It’s cool and thanks I appreciate it. I have every US game except Jack Bros. and eventually I plan on getting that and a few of the less than $100 Japan titles.

If you’re thinking of getting the Japan-only games, I highly reccomend Space Squash. Its one of the best VB games and its very addictive and I managed to get it very cheaply. I got it for £26 off ebay =)

Yeah, Space Squash is a fun game. And, it’s actually not all that short. It has a great replay value as well.


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