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… I would make one myself, but unfortunately I’m very clumsy and stupid. I’ve already dropped my VB loads of times and I don’t want to break it ^_^ If anyone had the time to make a head-strap for me and post it to me with very clear instructions a monkey could understand, I’d be very grateful. I’d be willing to pay you through paypal as well =) Sorry for being awkward, but geeks like me just weren’t made to build things =(

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I personaly lie (lye, ligh?) on my back on a bed or coutch and rest the VB on my face, no more back aches and if the VB makes you dizy your already on the ground…

It always makes me sad to look at the VB, its an excilent piece of engineering (the GBA developers would have ben wise to look at the VB some more instead of the game boy) but it feals like it was released way to early and with to many cripling restrictions (no head mount, etc). It would have been better for Nintendo to release it as a 3D addon to the N64 thain as a stand alone unit.


I’ve done that as well. Its pretty cool in the dark, but I really feel the need to play the VB how it was meant to be: strapped onto your head.
I’ve made my own headstrap now, but its not very good. All I did was get an old guitar strap and glue it onto the sides of the VB =/
I agree with you, David. Its such a shame that the VB was way ahead of its time and didn’t get the support it deserved. But I try not to let the lack of support and games reflect my judgement of the console. Its still amazing ^_^

I’d sell you my VB with headmount mod, but since my AC Adapter exploded, and I haven’t actually checked if the modded VB works since, I can’t really sell it lol. Maybe I’ll make a couple up for sale… I dunno

Just find 6xAA (or maybe even a 9V battery) and connect them to the VB to test it. 😉

could do, but fazycruck also happens to be a lazyfu-

Thanks for the offer Andy, but I think I can survive with my oh-so-simple headstrap. I made it out of an old guitar strap and superglue. Heh =)


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