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Not as good as many say it is By T-SqProductions

I was expecting a little more substance from this game. Unfortunately, it falls flat.

It’s a bowling game, but it’s no Wii Sports Bowling.

When you turn it on, the intro music is grating on the ears. It doesn’t sound right, for some reason, and it also sounds like they cut off the last note of the music.

The font isn’t aesthetically pleasing, either. It’s like they took some Times New Roman font and slapped it onto the game. It doesn’t fit with a digital system like the Virtual Boy. Mario has his own font (His own cheery cartoon font), and so does Vertical Force (An angular computer font), but the generic font they used doesn’t fit with a cartoonish game like Nester’s Funky Bowling.

I do admire the character graphics, and the fact that they tried to integrate digital sound into the game, but the digital sound plays only when the music stops playing for a second. It gets annoying.

The title screen graphic, however, could use some better work. It feels more like a placeholder than an actual title screen. (I was expecting a title that matched the one on the box.) Galactic Pinball may not have the same title as its American Box, but it had a font that was unique and fit the theme of the game.

The fact that there’s also no fade transition kind of jars the eyes a bit. It’s like getting the next screen shoved in your face. In fact, I would feel better if the game started with a sort of transition animation to get me prepared for the game! Now, I know what you’re saying. Super Mario Bros. didn’t have that! That’s true, but the NES was less capable of graphics!

Now, onto the game itself. I got bored with it after about 10 minutes and haven’t really played it since November of 2011. (It’s now April 2012.) The game is boring, and I found myself never getting a strike. It’s just a simple bowling game, much like Mario’s Tennis is a simple tennis game. The difference though, is that Mario’s Tennis had a few tidbits that made it enjoyable (Known Venues, and Extra animations), plus the widely-known characters that we all know and love.

Not only that, but when you complete it either way, it starts back at the Nintendo logo and plays the entire title again! Very little replay value involved here, folks.

With that said, only get this game if you want to complete your collection.

3 / 10

Rated: Apr 27, 2012 • 00:00