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Pitiful... By T-SqProductions

Hudson Soft has been buddies with Nintendo since the days of the NEC PC-8801, as far as I’m concerned. They most recently made Mario Party *8* (8 Mario Parties? o_o) for the Wii. Unfortunately, Vertical Force by Hudson Soft doesn’t take the cake as far as Mario Party (the original for the N64) is concerned.

Vertical Force is your rather basic space shoot-em-up. except it’s not basic at all.

3D: It’s only apparent in the intro with the logo, and the custscenes. The rest of the game, It’s not noticeable.

High Points:
*Like I said, the 3D only in the intro with the logo, and the cutscenes.

Low Points:
Oh, Where do I start…?

*The 3D doesn’t work well in the gameplay itself.

*There are too many obstacles to avoid.

*I almost miss most special items because I mistake them for enemies.

Unless you’re a serious collector, don’t get this game.

3 / 10

Rated: Jan 24, 2011 • 00:00