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Ok game By akumie

Gameplay – 8/10
The game gets boring after some time, but everything works as it should
You play as a worm and your objective is to try not to hit your opponents tail, your own tail or the side walls
Once the enemy hits something before you do you go to the next level
For every level the opponent gets 1 more worm until they have 3 worms and then they start again with 1 worm, but with a box in the middle of the map you must avoid
The longer you avoid to get hit the more points you get

Story – N/A
No story

Graphics – 4/10
The intro animation and the 3 sec before each level starts is the only 3D in the game

Sound – 2/10
Same sound threwout the game that can get a bit annoying, but what do u expect of the first homebrew game to have sound

Replay Value – 8/10
Well it`s a bit like tetris in the sense that you will always want to get a higher score or beat more levels
Unlike other games you don`t get any sleeping time, look away for 1 sec and ur dead in the game

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid?
well it`s a homebrew game, but I recomend anyone to atleast try this game once
It`s better then water world

Overall Score – 3/10
Exept the 3D animations the game is the same as the games you can find on a mobile phone, but this game would be fun to play in a 2 player mode

3 / 10

Rated: Nov 16, 2008 • 00:00