The Super Famicom Magazine No 22 Page 56
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The Rules of the game are simple and clear. In a box shaped room with eight balls at your disposal(four on each side to start), each player faces each other and throws balls at each other until one of the opponents gets hit enough to lose all strength. Each stage consists of a maximum 5 matches, win 3 matches to clear a stage. There is also a time limit, if it runs out, the player with more strength wins the match.

You can choose from 8 playable characters, and battle on 8 different stages. In addition to throwing a ball straight, you can bounce it off walls, floor, or the ceiling for rebounds. However, on stages with rough terrain you’ll need to judge how the ball will react to the environment.

Small Texts:
– In a room the shape of a box, the key to winning is making good use of each stages obstacles!
– It’s a one on one game of 3D dodgeball!
– -> A stage with many obstacles. With every bounce, the ball goes faster, so a thrilling battle is inevitable!