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Virtual Dodgeball is an unreleased Nintendo Virtual Boy action game developed by Jordan.

In this one-on-one dodgeball-like versus game played in a square room, the player, positiioned on the front side, has to hit their opponent, positioned on the back side, by throwing balls and inflicting damage to win. Whoever inflicts more damage within the time limit, or manages to reduce the opponents strenth to zero is the winner. Each player has eight balls at their disposal, with four on each side to start.

You can choose from 8 playable characters, and battle on 8 different stages with different terrains, each bringing a tougher opponent. Out of a maximum 5 matches, the player has to win 3 matches to clear a stage. In addition to throwing a ball straight, you can bounce it off walls, floor, the ceiling and even other balls for rebounds. With every bounce, the ball goes faster. However, on stages with rough terrain you’ll need to judge how the ball will react to the environment.

Virtual Dodgeball was originally announced to launch in December 1995 in Japan, and was later pushed back to March 1996 before eventually getting cancelled due to the Virtual Boy’s commercial failure. At that point, the game was likely almost complete.

  • Working Title: Virtual Battle Ball (ヴァーチャルバトルボール)
  • Working Title: Virtual Handball (ヴァーチャル・ハンドボール)
Game Details
Genre: Action
Region: Japan
ROM Size: 8 MBit
Release Status: Canceled
Year: 1996