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I was just watching a show called “when games attack” on FTN in the UK, and they had a list of the 5 worst games consoles of all time. Of course, the VB won it, and they made a dog urinate on it. How tragic.

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Some people just like to rip on the VB when they’ve never even bothered to try it.

Out of curiousity, what were the other “worst” consoles?

Ridiculous! What about the CD-i? There are many worse Consoles than the VB! Doesn’t sound very reliable, does it?

The list, as far as I remember it, was:

5) Sega Saturn
4) Atari Jaguar
3) 3D0 interactive multiplayer
2) N-Gage

Other punishments included sawing the 3D0 in half, and hanging the N-Gage.

That list just proves that they’re a bunch of idiots. Sega Saturn in no way, shape, or form belongs on that list. It may not have been a financial success for Sega, but believe it or not it lasted longer than the Dreamcast, especially in Japan where Sega Saturn was more well received.

Sega Saturn was home to awesome games like Panzer Dragoon and NiGHTS, yet they have it on a list of worst consoles? Bernin was right… where’s the CD-i? How about the Sega 32X? What about Tiger’s Game.com? THOSE were bad consoles — far worse than Sega Saturn or even Atari Jaguar.

They need to get their facts straight before bashing consoles that they obviously know nothing about.

Their reasons were stupid as well, they slated the Saturn because it had bad graphics compared to the playstation, and the Jaguar because it didn’t live up to the hype.


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