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News • Jun 17, 2021 11:18 • KR155E

Banda Virtual continues their series of obscure pseudo homebrew minigame for Virtual Boy with “Pacnelsonic”, a simple Pac-Man clone. It’s a Game Boy homebrew game that was made specifically to be wrapped in M.K.’s Game Boy Emulator to create a VB ROM of it. As always, it has been released on Youtube.

You can find the ROM attached to this post for download or just play it online.

Featured Video • Jun 10, 2021 11:06 • Shank Mods

News • Jun 03, 2021 11:57 • KR155E

The full cover artwork of the unreleased Dragon Hopper has been posted on the forums by its original artist, Mike Takagi. Have a look!

Mike has done a lot of cover artworks for Nintendo back in the days with Airbrush, some of which he has posted on his Instagram channel, including Panic Bomber and Red Alarm. More, hopefully, to follow. Fingers crossed.

News • May 03, 2021 19:58 • KR155E 4 Replies

Kevin Mellott, our man behind a bunch of innovative aftermarket Virtual Boy hardware like HyperFlash32, has finally got a proper online shop front for his creations, and is now selling them under the new brand name “RetroOnyx” at https://www.retroonyx.com/.

Featured Topic • Apr 21, 2021 16:05 • enthusi 3 Replies

We are happy (and quite relieved) to now share our
VirtualBeat Audio Engine for the Virtual Boy: VBeat.
The full engine including the demo song and instruments are published under BSD 3-clause license.
In short: you can do whatever you want with it (just give credits).
However, we welcome feedback and possible contribution by others in the long run.
There is an extensive list of features on the source repository page:
VBeat release.
You will also find some docs and HowTo there.
A YouTube video featuring the tune as well as the player engine is here:

And a recording from real hardware (in fact quite close to mednafen):

You require the ISAS32.EXE assembler and ISLK32.exe linker to build the engine (as well as some .ISX to .VB converter).
The available SDK packages for GBC etc contain these still!

We hope to attract composers with this release and to motivate awesome music in future releases.
The attached ROM is 16KB in size and contains the full tune + some demo tracks (press ‘B’ to toggle tune and demo) + charset and texts as well as the engine and visual output routines. It takes less than 2% of the available time per frame.
We chose to support the very wide spread s3m format as it has all the features we needed and the s3m of the example Jazz tune is part of the release.
We suggest the free multi-plattform tracker ‘Schismtracker’ for composing. A lot of thinking went into a proper data format (see github readme for a full description).

Attachment fails currently but a zipped rom binary is here:

code & design: enthusi
tune & instruments: jammer
font: v3to

This was great fun!
enthusi & jammer

Thanks to:
GuyPerfect for help getting into the VB and his awesome spec sheet! Without it there would barely be anything now.
Kresna for his inspirational free VB game written fully in assembly as well.
KR155E for welcoming me into the VB community.
Kevin Mellot for his wonderful HF32 cart.
Thunderstruck for the linux compatible CLI tool to flash the HF32.

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