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News • Oct 12, 2020 22:21 • KR155E

Grab your anaglyph glasses and enjoy a total of 11 stereo screenshots of the unreleased Virtual Bomberman in our stereo viewer here!

Featured 3D Model • Oct 10, 2020 21:28 • mellott124

A cover for the back side of a Virtual Boy controller. If you power your system through any alternative ways, for instance on a consolized Virtual Boy, you can use this to clean up your controller look and feel.

Featured Topic • Oct 03, 2020 21:19 • KR155E 4 Replies

I have found an image of a Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Gekitou Densetsu leaflet on Twitter, posted by someone who has worked for various game magazines for about 10 years as a freelancer in the past. Presumably, judgind by the context of the tweet, this was handed out to the Japanese game press at Nintendo Space World ’95.

It doesn’t look spectacular, but contains, besides some generic information about the game, a list of all 8 featured wrestlers, as well as in-game sprites of three of them.

I have quickly OCR’d and machine translated the leaflet, click the image below to view.

News • Oct 02, 2020 23:26 • KR155E 2 Replies

I have uploaded high resolution rescans of the entire Famitsu “Virtual Boy Tsūshin” special issue for your reading (or rather viewing, I suppose) pleasure.

Featured Topic • Sep 21, 2020 04:45 • KGRAMR 6 Replies

A recent article by Frank Gasking of Games That Weren’t went up on NintendoLife, talking about the history of Boss Game Studios’ unreleased Virtual Tank for the VB. It turns out that there may be a surviving prototype of the game in the hands of a former BGS named Seth…

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