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News • Apr 07, 2021 22:54 • KR155E 1 Reply

Yet another pseudo homebrew minigame for Virtual Boy has been released on Youtube by Banda Virtual. That is, a Game Boy homebrew game that was made specifically to be wrapped in M.K.’s Game Boy Emulator to create a VB ROM of it. “Virtual E.T.” is a port of the notorious E.T. for Atari 2600.

You can find the ROM attached to this post for download or just play it online.

News • Apr 05, 2021 10:48 • KR155E 2 Replies

I have adapted the awesome RetroArch Web Player and Beetle VB core so you can now play Virtual Boy homebrews right in the browser! Look for the green “Play” buttons near any ROM downloads on homebrew game profiles.

Try it!

Featured Topic • Mar 01, 2021 00:14 • Guy Perfect 10 Replies

Bad Apple!! is a musical track from Lotus Land Story, one of the games in the Touhou Project series. A remix with vocals was produced, and a shadow art music video was made for that remix. The video has since gained popularity as a sort of audio/video test case for retro computers, and the time has come for it to appear on Virtual Boy.

This production contains the entire three and a half minute song and music video, presented at the full frame rate of the original. It is unusual for Virtual Boy homebrew in that it occupies 16 MB, which is the maximum size for cartridge memory without supplemental mapping circuitry.

To aid in viewing this demo without the needed kit to run it on the hardware, a slightly modified version has been provided that targets the Mednafen emulator. The audio timing is slightly different between the hardware and Mednafen, so select the version that matches the way you choose to experience it.

Featured Topic • Feb 14, 2021 07:05 • speedyink 11 Replies

Hello all. I’m here to share a very small Sonic tech demo. It was created by a member here, 16-Bit. He was nice enough to allow me to make a fancy forum post to share it with you all.

It showcases an animated Sonic sprite in a small flat cave level. It features a very nice parallax scrolling effect reminiscent of the Genesis/MD Sonic games.

Fwow13 was nice enough to make a label for the HyperFlash 32 cart owners, and TheRedMenace created a nice progress icon as well. Thanks!

I know it’s a very small demo, but it’s still very cool to see the blue (or red?) blur on our beloved system in some form.

Download links to everything should be attached below

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD2aWiNGZlw

News • Jan 19, 2021 20:50 • KR155E 2 Replies

Virtual Boys around the globe finally get to boot the new generation of VB flash carts with Kevin Mellott’s newest creation, HyperFlash32, the first batch of which has recently started shipping to buyers. HyperFlash32 is the first ever flash cart to come with a built-in eInk screen to show a digital label based on what ROM is loaded.

To get a bit into detail, HyperFlash32 is a single ROM Virtual Boy flash cart with 32 Mbit of built in flash memory along with an 8k x 8 nvSRAM that doesn’t require a backup battery. It can be reflashed from ROMs available on the SD card without a computer connected. As such, it crosses the boundary somewhat between a single ROM cart and a multi-ROM cart. Although only one game is loaded at a time, it takes anywhere from 15 seconds to 90 seconds to load a new one. The digital labels and loading bar icons are user customizable. SRAM contents with save data are saved off to the SD card and reloaded as ROMs are swapped out. You can even access your SRAM files to transfer to another HF32, or even to original VB game cartridges. HF32 has built-in capacitive touch buttons on the back to provide a fully self-contained user interface that doesn’t require a computer or GUI. It even has a haptic module to improve feedback on the haptic touch buttons.

Features overview:

  • 32 Mbit Flash memory
  • 8k x 8 nvSRAM
  • SD Card slot
  • e-Ink Digital label that is user customizable
  • Customizable icons for programming bar
  • Capacitive touch buttons on the back for on-screen control
  • USB dev port
  • Haptics

The first batch has long been sold out, but a second one is said to begin to ship in April 2021. If you’re interested in a unit, you can place your order on the HyperFlash32 Order Page. Having in my possesion a prototype unit, I can assure you that it is an awesome and highly recommendable piece of tech!

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