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Featured Topic • Dec 11, 2021 00:03 • PizzaRollsRoyce 4 Replies

Original announcement

Visit elevatedspeed.com for more info, and download it directly here!

Unfortunately, link cable play had to be cut at the last minute while I wait to get the necessary hardware to test with it, but I’ll follow up with an update to include that as soon as I can.


  • High-speed, pseudo-3D 50fps gameplay
  • Full audio support with original soundtrack
  • AI
  • Large tracks

Features planned for a later release:

  • More tracks
  • More vehicle types
  • Link cable play


Featured Topic • Oct 27, 2021 23:26 • PizzaRollsRoyce 10 Replies

Today I’d like to announce my first homebrew game, “Elevated Speed.” This is an entry in the (evidently crowded) genre of VB hover racing games.

Preview video (sorry for potato quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHXnqZYysas

Initial features:

  • High-speed, pseudo-3D 50fps gameplay
  • Full audio support with original soundtrack
  • AI
  • Large tracks (bound only by size of ROM)

Features planned for a later release

  • More tracks
  • More vehicle types
  • Link cable play
  • Spice up gameplay a bit — powerups, takedowns, etc.

Planned experiments: Internet play with cross-platform (already have ports for Linux, WebAssembly and Gameboy Advance) matchmaking — depends heavily on capabilities of RetroOnyx’s Wifi adapter


  • Custom engine, written in modern C++
  • Full sound management system with priority handling, mixing, and positional stereo
  • Full 3D game engine (although rendering portion must work within VB constraints)
  • Build system that automatically optimizes assets for streaming from ROM to VRAM

I’m expecting to release a demo within the next month or two. Feedback is appreciated!

Also, thanks to everyone on the Discord channel who put up with my incessant questions (so far…)

News • Oct 14, 2021 23:35 • KR155E 1 Reply

With great pleasure we hereby release the 16th, and first ever public, demo of Formula V.

If you haven’t heard about this game before, let us give you a very quick summary. Formula V is a fast, futuristic top-down racing game for Nintendo Virtual Boy; think F-Zero meets Micro Machines. It is about a high velocity racing series featuring spaceship-like, hovering racers that succeeded today’s “Formula” racing series, like Formula 1.

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Featured Topic • Sep 13, 2021 21:40 • enthusi 2 Replies

Hi all,
the mandelbrot zoomer was actually just a testbed for that shrinked affine worlds in 13 dither shades approach. I only use it to write 2×2 pixels with a single byte store. It has nothing to do with the ‘3D’ or ‘perspective’ here.
Without that working out, the voxel engine would have been little fun.
After quite some time spent optimizing routines and rewriting the algorithms from scratch a couple of times, I feel that it had become fast enough to be actually useful:

(it runs considerably slower on real hardware compared to this mednafen recording but still at about 9 FPS).

You find the binary attached below:
It’s fully interactive (it would have been much simpler to code otherwise):
left pad:
left/right: rotate
up/down: forward/backwards
right pad:
left/right: strafe
up/down: increase/decrease rendering depth (starting at max).
This is fully written in v810 assembly (ISAS) and a couple of cache tests performed before also helped a bit.

The engine plots into a mosaic of 3×2 affine worlds for each eye, 12 worlds in total.
I will likely reduce the visiable area on the screen some more to bring it down to 2×2 and safe memory as well as CPU speed 🙂
The hex digits in the upper left are: time spent per frame (in 100us), depth (non-linear), rotation angle, xposition, yposition.

Featured Video • Sep 12, 2021 21:43 • Viva 90s

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