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Featured Topic • Jan 04, 2023 06:17 • PizzaRollsRoyce 1 Reply

I first joined this community a year and a half ago looking for contributors to a now-dead port of VBWL to the GBA. Rather than let that work go to waste, I’ve created a technical write-up of the inner workings of this game and how I went about porting some of it over.

Check it out at https://medium.com/@pizzarollsroyce/d7a3c8c1fb7

News • Dec 16, 2022 23:52 • KR155E 4 Replies

Virtual WarZone, a lovingly created homage to the classic Battlezone for the Nintendo Virtual Boy, is very close to going gold and is now up for preorder.

The game, funded by RetroOnyx and developed by the VUEngine team, is available as a $150 complete in box (CIB) version including a physical 32 MBit Virtual Boy cartridge, label, dust cover, protective sleeve and box set with manual. A digital copy of the game for HyperFlash32 and HyperBoy flash carts will also be provided with CIB purchases. There is also a cart only version that includes only the cart and dust cover available for $99. A ROM only version is said to be also available for HyperFlash32 and HyperBoy owners eventually for $40.

Virtual WarZone supports the Link Cable for versus play, as well as RetroOnyx’s Rumble Pack for an even more immersive experience. Battery backed SRAM is included to save high scores and gallery unlocks.

The complete CIB version is expected to ship around April 2023, while the cart only version may ship sooner. Assumingly, the ROM only version will as well.

Featured Album • Nov 15, 2022 09:18 • KR155E

Design/pitch documents for “Genjin Show – Tobidase! VB Genjin”. Posted on Twitter by @nori_bomber in November 2022.

News • Sep 24, 2022 10:19 • KR155E 4 Replies

Team VUEngine have unveiled wireframe support coming to VUEngine and a new Virtual Boy game in development making use of that feature.

Virtual WarZone is a Battlezone-inspired tank shooter that mixes wireframe graphics with prerendered 3D goodness. The game is being funded by RetroOnyx. A demo is available for backers through both their Patreon campaigns.

Featured Topic • Apr 21, 2022 22:40 • Timothy Beck 8 Replies

The Red Castle is a short dungeon crawler created in C using libgccvb. You play as a bird who is trying to escape from a castle. To progress through the castle, use your flashlight to defeat enemy marionettes, solve puzzles, and collect keys. Switch between the foreground and the background to sneak around blocks and enemies. But be careful, the marionettes can and will follow you. You may need to run away to give your flashlight time to recharge.

-The Left D-Pad of the controller is used for moving the player.

-The Right D-Pad can be pressed to use the flashlight. Direction of the flashlight corresponds to the direction inputted on the D-Pad.

-The left trigger moves the player to the foreground while the right trigger moves the player to the background.

-The A button allows the player to dash in the direction that they are currently moving in. This direction can only be up, down, left, or right.

-The start button can be used to begin the game on the title screen and pause the game. The A button can be used to skip the introductory story segment.


*The game is designed for use on the Virtual Boy system. Players using an emulator may have trouble distinguishing between the foreground and the background.

*A special kind of enemy type, the ghost, cannot be defeated with the flashlight.

*You need to know how to dash in order to complete the game.

Thanks for the nice response so far. I’ll be taking a break from this project for the foreseeable future, so sorry if there are no updates anytime soon.

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