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29 Patches
Hack: “No Ads” Patch

During gameplay, small text “advertisements” keep appearing randomly on screen that read “Nintendo Virtual Boy”, “T&E Soft Presents” or “Redalarm”. If your system is low on power, the text “Batteries Low” will also appear. This patch removes all of those messages except the latter.

Author: HorvatM

redalarmnoads.ips (50 B)
Hack: All levels selectable

This patch makes all 99 levels selectable from the main menu, instead of only the first 40.

Author: DogP

mc_all_levels.zip (186 B)
Hack: Controller Fix

This patch changes the controller layout to the Mario standard by swapping A and B (A jump, B throw) and also puts “run” on both triggers.

Author: DogP

mc_ctrl_fix.zip (173 B)
Hack: Double Health Limit

Raises the health limit from 5 to 10. The HUD can only show 5 health, though. Can be used together with the Max Starting Health patch.

Author: HorvatM

doublehealthlimit.asm (173 B) doublehealthlimit.ips (14 B)
Hack: Haptics

Prototype haptics patch that adds support for RetroOnyx’s Rumble Pack. Buzzes only when energy levels change and a bit at bootup. To be applied to the US version ROM (MD5 e56e85761f52a613b34079d5322088ce).

Author: enthusi

redalarmhaptic.ips (136 B)
Trainer: Infinite Energy

Gives your ship infinite energy. To be applied to the US version ROM (MD5 87c38f66d5b9ead72af22f515a3a5f51).

Author: enthusi

vfcheat.ips (14 B)
Trainer: Infinite Shield

Gives your ship infinite shield energy. To be applied to the US version ROM (MD5 e56e85761f52a613b34079d5322088ce).

Author: enthusi

redalarm_infiniteshields.ips (14 B)
Translation: Innsmouth Mansion (English)

English translation patch for Insmouse No Yakata.

Author: thunderstruck

innsmouth.mansion.english.ips (40 KB)
Debug: Jack Bros Unlock Debug Cheats

This patch re-enables two debug cheats for a level select and invincibility which normally couldn’t be accessed, because the programmers deactivated them for the final version of the game.

Author: Parasyte

jackbros.zip (1 KB)
Translation: Jack Bros. German Translation

This patch translates all editable text and some graphics in Jack Bros. to German. It also includes Parasyte’s Debug Patch. To be used with the US version ROM.

Author: KR155E

jbg10.zip (v1.0) (5 KB)
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