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I’m dying for a new/updated pc vb emulator, especially one with shutterglasses support. Analygraph is OK, but shutterglasses rock.

Has anyone released the source for their now-defunct emulators? has anyone picked them up? are any of them worth picking up?


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The latest Red Dragon beta is really good, but there’s no shutter glasses support… To get it though, you’ll need to come into #virtualboy on EFNet and ask for it there, as it’s not a public release. Of course, it is open source, and if you want to add shutter glasses support, feel free πŸ™‚ .

Personally, I have never really liked shutter glasses, although I haven’t tried any in a long time, and maybe with higher refresh rates that the newer monitors can do, it’ll be more bearable.


Oh hi

My question at this point: Do any of the emulators support Steriogoggles? Like the Virtual Io I-glasses I own. I don’t know if that would be Analygraph? Whats that anyway?

No, I-Glasses don’t use anaglyph, which is the use of colored filters to separate a stereo pair. I believe they use field-sequential (interlaced) stereo pairs.

Reality Boy (which has become Red Dragon) has always had a “placeholder” option for interlaced output, but it isn’t actually implemented, yet.

Anyone reading this is more than welcome to get the code (come to IRC: EFnet: #virtualboy for the latest) and put in support, if they can and will!


We are in the planning stages for a completely new Virtual Boy emulator. It’s just getting too difficult to maintain Red Dragon.
I will keep any suggestions in mind through-out the development process. But that does not mean I will be able to impliment them. After all, I do not have any shutter glasses hardware, or experience programming for them.

Shutterglasses are amazing now with current refresh rates, the flicker is is basically unnoticable to the human eye if your monitor is above 75 hz (I play at 100 πŸ™‚ )

A good site to check out is

And this is a decent list of pretty compatible games:

I bought these glasses:

I was very lucky enough to get them, with a bonus set of 2 wired TV glasses and transmitter, and 3 DVD movies for $80 total at PhillyClassic this year (I can’t really recommend the TV ones, the flicker is unbearable).

The PC ones work great, are wireless, and are flawless with most direct3D/DirectX games (yes, you could even get them to work with Playstation emulators)

if you have a NVIDIA graphics card it works extremely well, but if you don’t, you need a glidewrapper or something that is apparently VERY glitchy.


One problem that comes to mind with shutter glasses… VB’s refresh rate is 50Hz, so your PC monitor must be set to AT LEAST 100Hz for the 3D effect to work while displaying every frame.
In my case, my monitor only supports 60Hz max. That and the fact that I do not own a pair of shutter glasses… It will be incredibly difficult for my to impliment shutter glasses support without the necessary hardware.

I’ve tested the latest Reality Boy and interlaced mode works good, but…

Since the lines are interlaced, but the pixels aren’t doubled horizontally, everything is stretched and looks taller.

Just needs the horizontal bits of the scaling code sorta massaged into the interlaced code πŸ˜‰

Para: is the VB really 50 fps for both eyes, or is it 50 total, divided between the two? (Like the 50 “fields” per sec. of PAL) I know it scans the screens one at a time, but I don’t know what the actual mirror oscillation rate is… Anyone have an open VB and a calibrated strobe light? πŸ˜‰

It would be 50 FPS total. The reason I said 100Hz is because it’s evenly divisible by 50. On the other hand, 60 and 75 (etc) are not. Displaying 50 frames per second on devices set for 60/whatever would be quite nasty. Imagine trying to skip frames with shutter glasses! It pains me.
Oh, and I’ve not heard of 50Hz monitor output… So there you have it!


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