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Ever since I saw this article, I have always wanted to see this game. It would be so cool because Virtual Boy could perfectly replicate the experience of a Atari Battlezone Arcade.

I wish I could program because I feel like this would make the Top 10 games for sure on the system, if released.


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Have you been able to play the PSVR version? It’s really fun.

Unfortunately, I’m not really into modern gaming, I pretty much stopped being interested at the stage of N64. So I collect practically all the cool gaming related items from then and prior.

I honestly feel like games shouldn’t have left the cartoon stage, I don’t like playing realistic games. That’s my biggest issue, honestly. I do own a GameCube but only for the purpose of playing all my favorites Gameboy games. 🙂 I also own a Wii but I only play arcade rail shooters on because it truly replicated that arcade feel for me. I actually bought a PS3 practically only because it was a cheap Blu Ray player at the time.

I do have interest in Intellivision Amico! I also was an early backer of OUYA and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it!

The PSVR one actually has a grid version that looks very similar to those pictures. Only difference is it’s green instead of red.

That’s really neat. I’d definitely like that, maybe when the system is super old and dead, I’ll buy one for the VR. Lol

Yeah that would be awesome. My favorite game back in the 90’s was Spectre. It was clearly inspired by battle tanks but it was for the Macintosh computer, and DOS, and I suppose windows. There was Spectre, Spectre Supreme and Spectre VR. Unfortunately, Spectre VR wasn’t in VR, it just had a lot of QuickTime video placed on objects on the battle field. Spectre was also ported to the SNES, but I think it would be infinitely better on virtual boy especially with multiplayer.

Creating 3d models is about as far as I can get, but a better way would be if someone could reverse engineer it from the DOS or Mac version and port it to VB.

I think it would be great if someone developed this. Isn’t that kind of what that locked up board section is on the site, here developmental based in some means (an engine to make games, or an emulator, or both, not clear on it.) It would be slick to see either classic Battlezone, or perhaps something like Gameboy’s “X” popped onto the system, if not both.

Both Battlezone and Spectre–the actual games–could be reverse-engineered and ported to Virtual Boy, but that’s a process that takes a bit of time. I’m actually doing exactly just that very process with Wario Land, so it’s absolutely possible.

I don’t have a vacant project slot to volunteer for this myself, but if anyone is feeling motivated to take it on, I’d be happy to teach them how the process works and hopefully get the ball rolling on it.

Dreammary wrote:
I honestly feel like games shouldn’t have left the cartoon stage, I don’t like playing realistic games.

As the wise Yoda (probably, maybe) once said, “Broaden your horizons you must!”

Teach me master Yoda. I wish to “Learn to code”. I have a Mac pro though. I don’t know if that will be an issue. I can put windows on it if necessary.

Specifically I’d like to port Spectre VR if possible, or perhaps Spectre Supreme. I have a CD ROM of the Mac version of Spectre VR, but accessing the sound data and 3d models has a number of road blocks. I got sheep shaver running on osx Sierra but I can’t increase the ram enough to run Spectre VR or even run the system with all extensions enabled. I may have to set up my old iMac to do anything with this part.

I’m interested in the Mac version specifically because it appears to have superior sound and graphics. Even if the virtual boy is incapable of doing all of it, I’d rather use the best version as my reference.

Although of course if it would be easier to port the SNES version I’m game for that too. I have a physical copy of that game as well and can easily get a rom.

SpectreVR wrote:
I wish to “Learn to code”.

Well, that’ll be the first challenge, because you’ll need to understand programming concepts before digging into someone else’s compiled software. Do you have any programming experience, or will this be your first exposure to it?

SpectreVR wrote:
I’m interested in the Mac version specifically because it appears to have superior sound and graphics. Even if the virtual boy is incapable of doing all of it, I’d rather use the best version as my reference.

If it were up to me, I’d take a look at all three of the classic Macintosh games and see what comes out. There was also a short-lived iOS version called Spectre 3D, but it’s not on the App Store anymore and it won’t even let me install it on my phone from my purchase history…

Once upon a time I had the games up and running in a Mac emulator called Basilisk II with System 7.5.1 on it that I’m pretty sure I just downloaded from the Apple website. Can’t remember where I found the games themselves, but I still have them in my archives if I need to dig them out.

The SNES version is sort of a dumbed-down implementation of the game and I don’t think it’s all that interesting. However, it does have various new sorts of obstacles and stage features that would be worth incorporating into a port of the Mac-style games.

18 years ago I used to mess around a bit with BASIC on my Ti-85. More recently I did a bit of html. I had a little experience with visual basic. Long time ago also.

Outside of coding
I also used to modify Mac games by using HexEdit and other tools to do things like create plugins for Ambrosia Software’s Escape Velocity. I also used to create aircraft for a flight simulator called x plane, and sometimes I could make some interesting things happen by modifying Sprite and audio assets.

I’m thinking that some things in the SNES version that make sense for a console like the virtual boy. The menus, and the intro screen for example.

The SNES version also shows that it’s possible to make the game work without using as many 3D models.

Anyway, I’m interested in porting something and learning how to go about it. Maybe Atari’s Tempest is a better place to start. Why nobody has put that on the VB yet I don’t know. If you ask me, that should have been a launch title.

ok update time. Im getting a primer in cc, and java. Ive gotten a ma emulater up and running, and managed to decompress spectre supreme, and I’ve rediscovered my favorite program of all time Super Res Edit. As we speak I’m pulling apart all its resources and separating its assets into descrete sound, image, and code files.

That staid, it will probibly be while before cybernet login is confirmed. I am doing my best to figure this out. I’ll keep you all posted.

It’s probably been said before but original Battlezone is one of the few games that I believe is truly timeless. Even though it’s dated nowadays, there’s nothing like the original. Part of what draws me to the Virtual Boy is the potential to play games with the timeless mystique of Battlezone. A good example of this is Red Alarm.


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