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This thread can be a useful feedback mechanism, to let the PVB team know how the forum can be improved upon.

1) Everything should use relative font sizes, especially the message bodies.

2) Although the red is getting a _tiny_ bit annoying ;^) it might as well be complete. To this end, the checkboxes (“Add signature…” etc.) should also be red/black. (Since you can’t do this with CSS, I’m working on a javascript version.)

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1) KR155E tried changing the font sizes to no avail… I’m not giving up, though 😉

2) As you can see, we’ve begun replacing the checkboxes with the VB Wario Land rocker switch, but it still needs polishing.

– RunnerPack

How about adding the avatars to the threads?
(have that left panel like most forums)

I’d love some way to set the CSS “float” property of images, so that they’re left or right aligned, and text flows around them.

To the right should be a cool picture.


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