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Well im searching on here for an actuall working vb emulator and i keep finding myself on old old sites talking about the vb emulators coming along and whats to come and all that,but i still cant find a clearcut answer on if there are any working emulators at this point.So i guss my question is at this point in 2006 are any of the emulators working well(compatible with most games) or are all the emulators still works in progress.If there are working ones than i guess my next question would be which is the best.Appreciate any help.Thnx

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My emulator can play most of the games (except the wireframe games aka Red Alarm and Virtual Golf, etc) And is almost perfect with over half of the games. Except for sound fo cource. You can find it here: http://www.goliathindustries.com/vb/ if you want.


O ok thanks alot,was just annoying me because it seemed like everything i found was just about development and couldnt get a clear cut answer or a compatibility list.Kinda sucks because the main game i wanted to play again was golf,lol,and i did run across 2 compatibility lists since i posted and none play golf.Ill probably hafto make another thread but if you or anyone reads this again can you tell me why no emulators play golf yet?Thnx again i’ll check it out.

If you own a Mac than the ViBE emulator can play Golf. It has been a long time since i tested ViBE since I dont have a Mac…

My emulator (and all based off my source) has less than perfect interupt timming, and thus games that draw directly to the display (aka golf) dont play correctly. To be honist my interupt handling is Sooo bad I am suprised at how many games actualy play. I have spent most of my efforts on perfecting the graphics routines and just have not had as mutch time for interupts and timmers.


The need for a more accurate codebase is the reason I decided to start writing a new emulator. No, VUE32 doesn’t do anything interesting to end users, yet.


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