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First of all, hay wasup!

I am new here and foudn this place while looking up Nintendo on Wikipedia. Awsome site, nice layout with the reds and all.

Anyhow, searching around here brought me up fun times in my memory as a child and I thought I would share one or two here.

Back in 1995, I remember when the Virtual Boy came out. I was excited, I remember the VB walking commercals on the TV even though I was more excited of the N64. I sucked at Code Red, but I loved the Wario VB game and would play it for hours at the Mall, taking breaks so my eyes would not hurt.

I was sad for it to go, today at 19 I am a Artis and Game Designer and in the industry with my first major event was GDC 2006. I am developing ideas right now, and major excited about the Wii!

But let me go back to the past.

While thinking up new games, I was looking in old sketchbooks and fould old drawings and ideas for games I wanted to see. If I ever become noted, I guess I would compile them all into a book to show to the world how my ideas and art grew, even though alot of them are very stupid. I make more complex and inovative games now then back during the 64 and SNES days, but some of them reminded me were I came from.

I thought I would share you a one sheet for the Virtual Boy that I came up with in late 95/early 96.

Daredevil VR!

Rememer him? The Marvel Comics hero who also got a crapy movie from Ben Afleck? Well I use to buy alot of those coments as a kid, so I always wanted to see a game from him.

I did not draw any artwork for the game, but I wrote down all the gameplay and controls on a one sheat. Let me retype and summerise what I wrote:

The name of this game is Daredevil VR.

This is based on the Daredevil franchise. I chose this propery due to the action and mystery aspects of the comic books. It also allows for some fun action and puzzles. Lastly, since Daredevil is blind and they show his blindness by drawing Red Outlines on Black Background, I figure that the limit colors of the Virtual Boy would enchance the game rather than ruin it. (See, even back then I was a visual genious πŸ˜› )

The player plays Daredevil, a blind lawer who by night scourges the gritty streats of NYC to fight crime and bring justice. Each level is centerd around a court case for Daredevil, and to win the case you have to use 2D Brawling and 3D Dungen Crawling to win each case.

I broke down the flow and gameplay for eaze:

::Court Case::

There are 8 Cases that involves you trying to lock away the real criminals behind the “alter egos” of the most vile Daredevil villans. Stroy will be revealed here in 3D Images that are drawn like the Daredevil comic books. Each sceen in interactive by choseing what lines Daredevil should say at certant points or presenting evidence. After each Case bout, there will be a gameplay stage. The whole point is the players to aresst suspects and find evidence in the gameplay to use in the Court Case sceens. If not enough is presented and the case fails, then game over.

To get enough evidence and witnesses, the player will have to play two modes of gameplay to win.

::2D Brawler::

Player controls Daredevil with the left D-Pad. Daredevil can move left and right and look up or squat down. In cases were Daredevil can move between the forground and background, pressing UP or DOWN can make Daredevil move between the two.

Players will have access to Daredevil’s Kung-Fu with the right D-Pad. By pressing left, right, up, or donw on the right D-Pad causes Daredevil to punch and kick in those directions. Combining both left and right D-Pads will give the player some serious combos.

The A Button will cause the Player to Jump and move acrobaticly. With the A Button held, Daredevil will cross his arms to block attacks to cause him less damage. By holding A and moving the left D-Pad, Daredevil can do acrobatic flips that move him around faster and doge enemies better to flank.

Pressing B is the general action button wich makes Daredevil pick up items, grab bad guys to throw, cause specal moves when the “Devil Guage” is full and use his Darestick as a gattling gun in places.

:: 3D Dungen ::

Player controls Daredevil from a first person perspective. Using the left D-Pad players can move him forward, backwards and turn him in 3D space. Using the right D-Pad will move a cursor around that he can use to interact.

Pressing A when an item is hilighted will cause Daredevil to pick it up, or use objects such as doors and such.

Pressing B when hilighting and enemy from affar will cause Daredevil to knock him out launching his Darestick at him. If close up he will do a stealth attack.

The focus on these levels is to find an exit or certaint items without getting caught. The players must use stealth. They can hear the bad guys walk around and see outlines of the sprites through walls. There is also a sign over their head that will indicate if they are unaware “@”, curious “?” or if the spotted you “!”.

Players must use walls, objects and doors to avoid detection. When the bad guy is faceing away you can knock him out from close or far.

Both types of gameplay can be exclusive to one level in the case or be mixed up for varity. For instance, you can run through Hell’s Kitchen to beat the bad guys. Then when you see that they are trying to burn the witness down to search through the maze and find the gilr before you are engulfed in flames.

Hope to releace by: July 1996

Now, knowing how you guys like to program on the VB still, I have no idea if I am intrested in doing this little game I wrote now. However, I thought I would spark you guys brains with ideas for your VB and to show that I respect what you are doing.

Hope you will see my new games in the future,

— Jordan AKA Sidepocket


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So let me get this straight…
You want to make a first person perspective game on a stereoscopic
3-D gaming system through the eyes of a blind guy? uuuuhh so were you looking to take advantage of the VBs one shade of deep black and stereo sound on this one?

Just kidding

Actualy, from what I remember, I wanted to include the Steryosound in the 2D and expecaly the 3D stages.

What I met by 3D would be no more complex than Red Alarm (sorry for the typo earlyer) or more similarly I guess would be the Phantasy Star dugens.

But yea, basicaly that was it.

Edit: Oddly enough, I could not find good scans on the normal internet about Daredevil’s “Radar Vision” to prove why it would work on the Virtual Boy…but here is something while hard to see is kind of what I had orginaly in mind. 😎

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