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Yeah. This is the only unreleased game I am concerned about at the moment, mainly because I was working at NoA at the time and I helped produce an early draft of the script with some of the other guys. However, alot of it was changed during production. As I recall, there were 3 different scripts that were done.

We got paid nothing, which kind of sucked. And no one has a copy of the game at the moment. If we could, we’d have it dumped by now. The game is probably in the hands of some hoarding collector dumbass who won’t do anything with it but either sell it or let it rot in his closet, pretty rude, because it’s like saying “**** You” to the people who put their work into the game. Who knows if any copies still exist.

If you have any other questions, ask me.

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Well I dont have a question right now but I might some other time… can I have your e-mail?

Hey Mandy. Hmm, I could think of so many questions regarding that game…

Could you tell us more about those scripts?
Can you confirm that the known box art is real?
Are you or could you get in contact with the programmers of the game? Maybe someonbe kept a cart or the source code?

Thanks for sharing what you know πŸ™‚

Was the game completed, and how many carts with the game on do you think were made (if any?)

> Could you tell us more about those scripts?
What do you want to know? I worked on one of the early versions of the script, which was a bit different than the final one.

> Can you confirm that the known box art is real?
Who knows, I don’t remember seeing any box art until that one (rottentomatoes.com has what I’m talking about) appeared.

> Are you or could you get in contact with the programmers of the game? Maybe someone kept a cart or the source code?
I’m trying to, I wasn’t a programmer. (see above)

> Was the game completed?
As far as I remember, it was.

> How many carts with the game on do you think were made (if any?)
Dunno, that’s what I’m trying to find out at the moment.

I’ll do all I can to help you guys get a cartridge. Any more questions/comments? Thanks.

First, welcome to the forum! πŸ˜€ :vbsmile:

:question: 1. Do you think it would help you find out more if all us fans signed a petition of some sort?

(You could whip up a quick one for the site, right KR155E?)

I’d sign in a heart-beat, even if it wouldn’t. πŸ˜‰

:question: 2. What do you think about a few of us amateur coders taking your version of the script and screen-shots of the game and making a new version?

:question: 3. Did you ever play it? If so, for how long? (As in, “off-and-on” vs. “for long stretches”.)

:question: 4. How many other VB developers do you know that are still fans of (or even just still like) the VB?

Thanks! And good luck finding a copy! πŸ™‚

Welcome! πŸ˜€ Its not often we meet many (ex-)Nintendo employees, let alone one who actually worked on the VB.
It’s almost as if working there kills their enthusiasm for their merchandise πŸ˜‰ (or they had none to begin with… :-()

As you may already know, a while back someone was able to get a copy of Bound High, unfortunately (in spite of our nagging/pleading) they refuse to share it. πŸ™
Its a real shame that people refuse to share with others. Just because we are able to play a game doesn’t make the cartridge itself worthless. If that were the case entire NES collections would’ve been flushed down the loo by now (and have looking at the condition of some of my carts. :razz:)

…Anyway, that was more of an observation than a question.

:question: How much of the game did you actually get to play?
:question: Did you work on any other VB items, and if so what?
:question: And what did it take to get a job there? πŸ˜›

Wait… Someone has a Bound High cartridge? I must’ve missed that. Let’s talk about that later, I think I should not start discussing that in this thread πŸ˜‰

Anyway, back to Dragon Hopper (*drool*):

* I could start a petition of course, if it is needed. I could also try to collect money if the owner (in case you can locate one) want money for the cart or a ROM dump.

* What exactly is meant with “script”? Is it a write down of the story of the game? Level drafts? Characters? Or even part of the program which tells the game what happens when, etc?

* ANY other info or stuff you kept from your time working on Virtual Boy would be great.

Thanks again!

When did somebody find a bound High cart? I guess I missed that too …..lol

My mistake. It was Faceball. :vbsmile:

(The link to Retrogames Issue 23 was included in the post above.)

Well see the mystery around Virtual Boy is still kicking as.. maybe thats the thing with Virtual boy it was meant to be know as Mystery boy.. ??

“as time goes by Mystery boy walks around the woods, searching in every cirty, diging huge holes in every litle bush. maybe to be able to see his old friends from the past or just maybe , to belive”

-just fiction you guys =)

Dude that mystery boy thing is THE most retarded thing I’ve ever read. anyway, anyone hear from the dragon hopper guy yet?

I don’t have anything left from the game, sorry. :\
Still trying to locate a copy or someone.

DogP from Digital Press says that he heard from a reputable source that someone has it but wont give it out. Could be fake, though. Like that whateverhisname was that claimed to own all 3 VB protos. I cannot stand hoarders AT ALL.

That’s it….We’re going to his house!
*Loads shotgun, grabs duct tape and car keys.
who has a dumper? we’ll dump the roms in front of him at gunpoint! ahgahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….
We’ll call this plot: Grand Theft Proto III

Ask him how much he wants for it.

I don’t think Jim is planning to pay him for it… πŸ˜‰

Im amazed to see someone who was involved in an unreleased games development come forward and actualy want people to dump the game. Honestly I don’t think i’ve ever seen that happen before. Although I must say that I would love to see the game released on the net as well.

Anyhow, I have some questions i’d like to ask you if you wouldn’t mind:

A. You say that you were involved in one of the early versions of the games script. Might you still have a copy of what you wrote, and if so would you be willing to release it (I don’t believe an NDA would apply to someone who didn’t get paid for their work)?

B. Can you give us any significant gameplay or plot details from the later versions of the game that may have not been revealed (due to them being ‘spoilers’)?

C. As the game was complete to your knowledge, what were the most significant factors in its cancellation? Lack of a publisher, or cutting losses on a commercialy dying system?

D. What are your thoughts on the games quality? Was it fun enough to be worthy of the attention it gets from the VB community?

E. Was it a fairly strait forward game, or did it have side quests and such?

Im looking, I cant find anything but Im trying.
Someone else translated the japanese dialogue but they were not satisfied with my ‘arrangement’ of the script, so it was rejected and they assigned someone else to the project.

Its been a while so I dont remember much from the story, but from what I remember playing, Dragon Hopper was actually fun, it was like Zelda, so it was kind of lengthy. Actually it was kind of easy but still fun.

It was cancelled because VB was dead. Electro Source was going to help distribute it in the US, but that was too late.

Hm this also sounds a bit strange to me.
Somebody who has worked for nintendo in the past will not talk so direct about his work normaly.

You think “Mandy” is a man?


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