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Before making newer games for the VB. I think you should take games like Mario Tennis an add multiplayer modifications to it.

Tell me what you think of this idea! please

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I am afraid that would be impossible unless we have the source codes 🙁 It might be possible to reactivate any multiplayer modes if they were programmed in and just disabled or something, but I doubt that those were ever programmed/finished.


You really shouldn’t say “impossible” when talking about computer software…

A better phrase would be “prohibitively time-consuming.”

There are very few with the skill to do it. Of those, how many do you think _need_ to play 2-player Mario’s Tennis? I rest my case 😉

However, I plan on making a tool that would help someone hack VB ROMs, so don’t count this out as a possibility, yet…


It was an example, idiot.

Whoever is pretending to be stein here, please stop insulting people, thanks >_<


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