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Red alarm is the creme de la creme vb experience. I’ve played the marvel but it was on a friends vb, I was wondering if there yet exists an emulator that will play it.

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right now, only ViBE plays red alarm, it is mac only though.

ViBE actually plays RA? Last version I remember it booted, but the graphics were totally messed up.


uh, i thought so, never tried it myself o_O

I’m on mac so i’ve got ViBE (I also have the original games) and I have RA. In fact, the graphics depends on your processor. I’ve got a iMac G5 so I haven’t got any problems but if you have a G3 with a slow processor or other, the graphics are disgusting. You might were on Mac OS 9 too because ViBE works better on OSX. Actually, the graphics are very good for an emulator


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