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What is your favorite game, on any syatem?

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well, very hard question. i have several favourite games. i just can say that mario bros.3 was my absolutely favourite on nes. on all furthcoming consoles i have a lot of favourites..

I’d have to say Zelda for SNES would be one of my favorite games… although I have always liked the Mega Man series, and VB Wario Land is amazing…


Mine would have to be Super Metroid, but I also love the original Zelda, Its a close call.

hummm… Rygar on NES. yeah, that’s probably it. I never get board when I’m playing it. Even after all these years… I still get shivers when the doors of peace open up at the end.

I think it’s great that you guys have all classic games for your favorite. That just means that you really know your stuff.

That’s a tough question, hmm I think it would be either A Link To the Past or Ocarina of Time. Silent Hill, Super Mario Bros 3 and Perfect Dark are close to them and probably a lot more which I forgot…


rygar is even after 15 years really plable, the graphics turned out to look like on a 16bit system.. but nevertheless rygar is also one of the hardest shooters i ever known.. its unpossible to beat it.. or did you get it max??

One of my favorite games EVER is Kirby’s Adventure on the NES. 🙂

^____^ i liked the gameboy one..

i thought about my favourite c64 game.. and its…: “wizball”, does anyone still know that ~_??. i can remember it like i played it yesterday..

Rygar? A shooter? hummm… Rygar is an action/adventure title here in north america. It was kinda like a beat-em-up in the arcades back in 1986. But in 1987 it made it’s introduction in the console world as a ‘grand scale’ adventure (well, not really but you had to know were to go).

What is wizball draetzn? I have a commodor but I didn’t play this game.

Suikoden on PSX

I’ll ad three here.

Gothic 2 (PC)

Absolute must RPG. The add on is great too. It is an in game add-on, so no need to play the game first and then play add-on. Add-on just adds more quests and ways to the actual game.

Street Gangs also known as River City Ransom(NES)

I love this beat m up for it’s animations and for the RPG like caracters which you can power up in hundreds of ways.

last but not least i must ad this:

Unterwegs in Düsterburg.

This game is a one man game by Grandy. Unfortunatly it is just available in German. This game is Freeware and if you want it, contact me or try to download version 1.21-Full. You will get across many unfinished beta versions, so make sure to download 1.21-Full

This game takes longer to get through then many commercial games and you’ll never get bored on the way, specialy if you like old SNES type RPGs. This game is made with RPG maker 2003( also a Program you should test, but beware, if you start making your RPG it will take time, though you probably wont feel it. If you want RPG maker 2003 german, contact me. Ther is a spanish, english, frensch and of corse japanese version as well. Only japanese is Original, all translations made by source hacking) Anyway it is much more an RPG then lets say a link to the past is, cause you can realy choose diffrent ways to go. Just test it.

Mine would have to be Wario Land for the Vritual boy.

my all time fav game is zelda 3 for snes, after that zelda, metroid and smb3 on nes ^^ 5th place goes to tetris on gb 🙂

Super mario bros. and 3-d tetris. I really can’t decide. I really can’t say their the best I’ve ever played they just never get boring.

robotron 2084 – arcade

Metroid Prime

This is even worse than your last bump… 😐


So many systems, so many categories.

Goldeneye 007 N64 is likely my favorite.
Runners up include:
-Pikmin GC
-Intelligent cube ps1
-Kid Icarus NES
-GTA San Andreas Xbox
-NiGHTS into dreams Sega Saturn
-Balloon fight NES
-Mortal Kombat trilogy ps1
-Space invaders Atari 2600
-Galactic Pinball VB

I’m sure I could revise this list a hundred times, but these are the ones that come to mind at this exact moment.

It’s too hard to choose. I find that the memories you have of the games are always more important than the games themselves. In that case, my favourite is probably Twisted Metal 2: World Tour on the PSX. Me and my friends have been playing it for 10 years now and we still play it regularly =) Though I do love Donkey Kong Country as well ^_^ Mmmm SuperFX…


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