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When you erase high scores on Galactic Pinball (via one of DogP’s methods), do the “default” scores show up? (such as “G.YOKOI”) Just curious.

Also, why don’t we have any information on through which stores VBs and games were sold in Japan?

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They do when you start it in Reality Boy, so it seems like it writes the default information to ram if it’s empty. If I fill the .ram-file with all $00 it also rewrites the .ram-file with the default settings.

It does an integrity check with a checksum at startup and loads the default scores if something’s wrong. I did the same with VUE Snake.

What’s the trick, disconnecting the battery? Temporarily short something?

Aha, so you attach a battery the “wrong” way to the cartridge, thereby lowering the voltage to the sram enough to erase or at least trash the data.

I got my Galactic Pinball today and as I wanted to open it up anyway to see that everything looked fine I also reset the high scores. Used a 1,5V AA battery connected across the sram, + to GND-pin and – to VCC not more than three seconds (which is perhaps longer than necessary).

The jumper (in the red box) can also be used to cut the backup power, then solder over it again to re-power the sram.

I still have 3,04 V over the battery – after fifteen years – that’s impressive, really power economical ram (and control circuit) that one.

Connecting wires to the connector is probably the easiest way to do it though.


I know this is a huge necro grab here, not sure if that’s frowned upon but didn’t want to re-run history.

I got a VB a week ago, it’s fixed now and going. Galactic Pinball was a game with it and all the scores are loaded in there I’d love to kill.

If I am reading this, I just get a AA battery and run the + of one end to the – of the other using like a couple pieces of wire to make the connection for just a matter of seconds and it jumps it back to default high scores?

And if that’s really it, could this be done with 3D-Tetris, Wario Land and the others?


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