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Hey, I have been trying for the last 8 hours to build gccvb using the v850 patches and I always error out in the same way.

First i figured out that you need to change ‘##’ to ‘ ‘ in tc-v810.c, so binutils build just fine. but every time I try to make gcc I fail with an unsuported flag on ‘as’.

As near as I can tell the make script is trying to call the system ‘as’ and not the newly made ‘v810-as’, what is the proper work around for this?

there are several floating point bugs I would like to fix in the compiler but If i can not build it….


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I also figured out that you need to make the directory
/usr/local/v810/sys-include but it is not clear why the build scripts fail to make this dir.


You also need to remove spurrious quotes in gcc/ch/loop.c

I guess GCC 3 still dives into #ifndef blocks

Ok here is how it works on Suse 9.3, It might work on cygwin, but it definently fails if you relocate the base (arg).

Assuming that you have the folowing files in a directory:

Open a terminal and cd to that directory and exicute the following:

$ tar zxvf binutils-2.10.tar.gz
$ cd binutils-2.10
$ gzip -dc ../binutils-2.10-v810patch0928.gz | patch -p1
$ ./configure –target=v810 –prefix=/usr/local
$ vi gas/config/tc-v810.c
; goto line 1169 and replace name##”(” with name “(”
$ make
$ su root
$ make install
$ exit ;go back to user land
$ cd ..

$ tar zxvf gcc-2.95.2.tar.gz
$ cd gcc-2.95.2
$ gzip -dc ../gcc-2.95.2-v810patch0927.gz | patch -p1
$ su root ;get super user priveleges
$ mkdir /usr/local/sys-include
$exit ; return to user land
$ ./configure –target=v810 –prefix=/usr/local –with-newlib
$ vi gcc/ch/loop.c
; goto lines 322 and 323 and remove the quotes
; (or place the block in a comment field)
$ make
$ su root
$ make install
$ exit

You might be tempted to build the whole thing as root but don’t, it wont work on Suse, because root does not map /user to the path.

from here you have to collect up the apropriet tools and build the missing pieces from the gccvb zip file… more to follow

I don’t know if you know about it, but here is binutils-2.10-v810patch1021.gz (http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA007898/pcfxga/develop/binutils-2.10-v810patch1021.gz)

Can’t wait to get your floating point patches… 🙂


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