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We want to redo the Screenshots section for the released games with screenhots taken with emulators. So if anyone is playing a lot on Red Dragon or Reality Boy, you could help us by taking a lot of screens and sending them to info@vr32.de.


* Display Mode: Cyberscope
* Palette: normal


Btw, does anyone know any good tools for bulk-converting the bmps to 4-color pallete PNGs and/or manipulating the color pallete?

Thanks! KR155E

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Woot! I finally got it working using an iframe.

So… When/where can we see some shots?



This is what it will look like in PVB3.

Oops… It looks like you had the left/right swapped when you took the shots. If the check-box for “Swap 3D” in RD is checked, clear it. (If it’s clear, check it.)

Or, you could just reverse the names given during whatever process you use to separate the images. And, of course, rename the files you already have appropriately…

Good job, though! Looks sweet! Can’t wait to see PVB3 up and running! 🙂


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