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Hey I was wondering. Would you let me download some dumped roms like SD Gundamn Wars. You know, the roms that aren’t on rom sites? If so please.

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There are a few pages on how to build a flashcart, but at the moment it seems the only dumpers around are standard ROM flashers (search for Willem), which you have to wire up manually.
Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a dumper yet. I’ve been wanting to make my own for ages now, but never seem to find the time to do so. 🙁

Do you have instructions for /building/ a dumper? I’ll dump my collection (okay, the most rare game I have is Waterworld, and I know that’s not very rare, haha), but it’d be a fun project.

Oh, and Hi forums.

the roms arent illegal. Virtual boy is a dead cnosole so its legal to download and share roms. No one is making money off the virtual boy anymore. hell there are homebrewed games being made for it for this reason, same with jaguar.

“but look at the values of every other game before it’s been dumped and after, the value drops drastically. That happened with Space Squash and Insmouse in the Virtual Boy world”

not really. Look at chrono trigger and final fantasy 3 for snes.

anyone know where to donwloa dmario clash and warioland?

please no rom requests here!

why not. its a dead console, its not like theyll do anything to you.

dead or not dead doesnt matter!
Nintendo is protecting there rights.

they arent gona do **** about it.

hehehe you have no idea my friend…

I’d dump Virtual bowling as well as other titles I have if I only had the means to do so. I am also not about to blindly send my games to someone who can do it and risk being ripped off. But, I’d still like to be able to do it.

Jesus Christ.
ROMs are illegal. Period.
Like someone already said, there are copyrights for the game.

When you hear someone say “Oh, I have the original, that makes it legal to download.”
Would it be legal for me to get a free apple because I already have one? If I bought a Plasma TV, could I get one for free? No.

Sure, Nintendo or what ever company might not do much against you, but it is illegal. It is piracy.

And, I apologize for bumping a thread.

And the above is what I think, and I’m pretty darn sure it’s right.

Dude, of course its illegal, but its not not like we’re doing any real harm to nintendo by downloading roms of really rare games. Nintendo don’t even lose any money from it because its not them selling the games anymore.
I don’t see whats wrong with downloading roms of games you already have either. You’ve already bought the game, so what exactly is wrong with downloading a rom? Theres no other way of experiencing VB games on a PC. Again, its not like Nintendo is losing any money…
I agree that it is piracy, but personally I dont think it matters in the VB’s case. If you emulate games that still sell in the shops, like Xbox/PS2/whatever, then yes, that is wrong. Its not like nintendo even care about the VB anyway. If they didn’t pull the plug on the console so early, then maybe we wouldn’t be forced to get roms to play the rare games.

I am not sure if it is illegal to download roms to games you already own (that is a grey area) but it is perfectly legal to dump your own rom’s and play the games on an emulator. You have access to a VCR/Casset Deck/Photo copyer don’t you. Shoot there is a photocopyer in my public library, I can legaly make copys of books that I don’t even own. Just because it is in electronic form does not change the fact that you have some rights to dictate how you use the products you own (same goes for making MP3s from your own CDs, and what is TiVo but a digital copyer)


The debate is over. I’ve worked in the gaming industry for some time now.

I think you can go ahead and just download the damn games.
It doesn’t matter if it is technically illegal; how likely are 3rd party companies to take action against games for a failed console? Not very likely. And also, different companies have different standards. For Nintendo, it’s another story, considering they still enforce their copyrights and release their old titles. Copyrights do not mean **** unless the company is going to enforce them. And anyways alot of weak 3rd party games from the past HAVE been re-released and nobody gave a ****. Aero the Acrobat is one of these. Plus, not to mention that there isn’t enough of a fan-base to garner a great profit, the same reason adventure games like Snatcher haven’t been re-released. You have to really love what you’re doing.

Owell, you still know the admins are going to be faggots and not share them.


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