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Hello, first of all: Great Site.

The second thing: Does anybody know, (or has somebody) were I can find the US Version of Jack Bros? I’m also looking for a complete version of Waterworld (my version is cartridge only).

And last but not least I’m looking for Virtual Lab & Virtual Bowling & S D Gundam Dimension Wars.

Well the 3 last games are a little bit expensive…..

Hope somebody knows this or has tham for me.

Another thing:

Does anybody know a good internet page in Japan where you can buy Virtual Boy games (mayby a site in Japan wich can be turned in Englisch)?

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You first choice for the rare 3 would be <http://www.vb-store.com>, for Jack Bros (US) and Waterworld, I suggest you check ebay. Waterworld seems to be pretty cheap at the moment, but expect to pay quite a lot of money for a complete Jack Bros :/


Hello, Yes I know that a lot of games can be found on eBay, and on that internet site. I have bought a lot of games on eBay in the past 6 months, and I sell the games I have more than 1 time on eBay.

But I have some great news.
I have found a complete version of Waterworld! And I have found Jack Bros. USA (Unfortunatly JB is missing his manual but it’s boxed!)
Last but not least I have bought Space Invaders on eBay for less than 190 euro :-).
And probably I can get Virtual Lab in the next few weeks :-).

So I’m almost 2 games left for the complete VB collection!

The only games I will miss are Virtual Bowling & S D Gundam Dimension Wars….. And I know that these games will going to cost me a lot of money…

same here dude :/

So you have Space Invaders and Virtual Lab as well… damn those are pricy.

I bought Space Invaders for 179 euro (cheap I think), and Virtual Lab for 290 euro.
SD Gundam and Bowling will going to cost me a lot more…

Anyway does somebody have the manual for the USA version of Jack Bros. for me? I miss that 1.


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