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Finally the real Planet Virtual Boy board is online! Wheeeeeeeeee~!! (o_O)

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Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *Sektkorkenknallenlass* (^_^)



Hey does anyone know where to get VB *roms* cough, and not the homemade ones. You can E-mail me it’s okay. I will be eternally grateful.

Congratulation KR155E for your new VB board. Less bad folks will post some “srap” thread.

Thanks and welcome to the forum guys 😎
No Rom requests please, but check your mailbox nevertheless RobotTypePerson3D 😉


Noooope! >_< No graphic smilies in here please! 🙁

Not the usual 🙂 🙁 or 😀 and those are replaced but stuff like :smiley:… here:


Heh thats cool! :vbsmile:

awesome forum!

Thanks and welcome Sam! Feel free to make an account and save you your nick :>
Any updates to your site in the works? How’s Metroid 3-D comming?


Thanks KR155E, I’m talking to you from my brothers computer because my computer broke recently. Metrod 3-D isn’t going to be worked on untill my computer problems are solved.
I finally got my first VB for $10.99!!

nice! the new forum looks really fine.

The forum is really easy to understand and very cool looking. Congras to everyone who worked on this! Very nice indeed.


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