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i was reading that interveiw with Steve Woita the guy who made water world and how he was saying he might help make vb games again if we could get the people who were gonna fund some production and we get some programmers like Dogp together with this guy we might be able to make some really cool games or finish some of the ones dogp had started like mario and zelda and as long as we dont do it publicly and only within the vb community i dont think we should have any legal problems any one else think it would be awsome

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Heheheh… yeah, legal problems suck, so there definately wouldn’t be a wide release of a Mario, Zelda, or any other game like that. Not that we couldn’t rip off the idea and make our own characters/storyline… I mean, it’s the gameplay that counts right πŸ˜‰ . BTW, I’m working on a Mario game, but Lameboy is working on Zelda, not me πŸ˜› .

About Steve making more VB games… I really doubt that’d ever happen… I don’t think there’s a big enough market for it to be any more than a hobby, and well… he actually has a life πŸ˜› . But we can always hope πŸ˜‰ . Waterworld source code would be totally sweet to add a 2 player mode though πŸ™‚ .


Ye you are totally right like with mario we could make some crazy new characture calle like lario or somthing like that :p

But as for steve in the interveiw he said he might get into it so if any of us could contact hi, even just to get some tips or maybe if he has or knows where we could get any of the official dev equipment it could become possible to get these running

oh and by the way Dogp whens ur site gonna be up and running becuae i just got my hands on a box of 6 baseballs and i would like to turn some of them into reprogramable carts but i need some instructions on how to do this

thanks man

actually that dosn’t work it says cannot find server

hmm, doesn’t it show the menu either? then go to <http://www.archive.org> and search for <http://projectvb.vze.com> manually.

all the pics are f***ed up and some pages dont work. i remeber dogp saying he could send ppl the stuff becuase uts all on his gard drive so if u could dogp send it to fenderfreak22@hotmail.com

just reilized i said gard drive i ment hard drive

i duont know if dog p has visited the site in a while but if you have could u maybe send those archives of the website


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