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I have alot of games for the VirtualBoy Advance but I have no clue where to get cheats or how to use them… can some one help me out?

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Are you stupid….? PVB is.. Planet Virtual Boy Do you see any advance in it:!?!?!?! people like you should be shot so the rest of us dont have to take this kinda crap…

In the beginning I thought there were just a few people who can’t see the difference between PBV and that emu!
I never thouht that it will never stop! Just ridiculous!

This is why this place needs a sticky saying that this is for Virtual Boy, not VisualBoy/Advance.

…What am I saying? They won’t look at it even if you have one… 🙁

Thats the main problem! By the way how could anyone ignore all these explicit clues on this site?!?!

…By closing their eyes before/while posting? :question:

can some one plz tell me how to get virtual boy

go to ebay and buy one


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