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I’m just kind of curious, but how long has everyone here had their Virtual Boy?

I actually just got mine on the 31st of last month and pretty much have wanted it since it came out. You see, Mom wasn’t too keen on the price tag and me going blind back then. Haha! However now that I have it I’ve been addicted to it like crack!

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For me not so really long ago just from about end 2008 i played for the first time on the virtual boy since then i have buy evrithing from this systeem ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had heard in the past from it but in my country it have never been released but have say always that i want one and in end 2008 i have buy one ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve had 3 but got the first on in fall 2008. Wario Land, Red Alarm and V-Tetris hooked me from the start.

I’ve had my Virtual Boy since December 2009, I bought it on eBay for $199.95 (with Free Shipping ๐Ÿ˜€ ) unused with the included Mario’s Tennis, it took awhile until I got some other games for it but eventually found Teleroboxer, Red Alarm and Galactic Pinball in a 3 game lot auction! later on I got Mario’s Tennis (Japanese) and Virtual League Baseball (sealed)! and now I’m waiting for Mario Clash, Virtual Boy Wario Land, Vertical Force (Japanese), V-Tetris (Japanese… as it was only released in Japan) and Teleroboxer (which I already have Teleroboxer but the lot of games was a moneysaver so it was worth it…) to come in the mail!

I really love my Virtual Boy! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

other stuff: am I also the only (currently) active female member on Planet Virtual Boy?

I got mine when they were clearanced back in ’96 or ’97. I rented one when it first came out in ’95, but couldn’t justify the $180 price tag.


I’ve had mine since June of 2009. I came across it at a thrift store near my house for $30 with 2 games. Prior to that my only experience with one was playing a demo of Red Alarm on one in a Toys R’ Us back when they were new. I originally bought it for the sheer novelty but after really tying it out I loved it!

I’ve had mine since the summer ’96 clearance, along with some of the most common games which were $10-$15 each.

I’ve had my Virtual Boy for exactly a month now. I was slightly apprehensive when I heard all the stuff that people said about the Virtual Boy, but I was relieved when most of its bad points were actually wrong.

Mine was from Blockbuster, with the hardcase, battery pack, AC adapter, and 6 games:

*Mario’s Tennis
*Vertical Force
*Virtual League Baseball
*Jack Bros

The case and all 6 of the games had sitckers on them in one way or another. (4 had price stickers, Mario’s Tennis had a “Please Rewind/Purchase if this sticker is broken” sticker on it, and VLB had two small silver “Purchase if sticker broken” stickers on it

When I started playing the games, I felt like I was actually back in 1995, renting the Virtual Boy for the first time.

My siblings and I rented one from blockbuster back in the day. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get one for christmas that year, nor was I old enough to spend that kind of money on one myself. I bought my first one on ebay in 2003 for $13. I now own 6 (4 are in pieces).

@ gunpeiyokoifan
Nice set you got! And from what I’ve seen so far (which isn’t exactly a long time but we’ll just pretend it is for the effect) you are such the only chicka, so you definitely have that going. ๐Ÿ˜›

@ HonkeyKong
Wow, $30? What a steal! Is it in good shape?

@ T-SqProductions
Did that all come together as a set when you got it?!

Haha 6? Have you done messed around with making a link cable yet? And nice netting it at $13! And here I thought me getting mine at $90 pretty mint was rockin. Haha!

And awesomeness to everyone else too! Seems like we got a lot of new owners according to the poll at the moment… GLaD I’m not the only one first getting to experience this so late. ๐Ÿ˜›

Had mine since 96 clearance also. Still have the price tag on the box and got it for $25 brand spanking new. I wish I could go back in time and give myself money because If I had more money I would have bought like 4 of them and every game I could find.


Yup! I got everything as a set. The only thing it’s missing is the full manual book. (I don’t think that was included with any Blockbuster set, though.)

@ T-SqProductions
Niiiiice! And yeah, I don’t think it was either. I got the Block Buster case myself and the instructions inside made it seem like the were trying to be a sort of digested replacement.

@ Raverrevolution
Holy crap! $25 brand new… that’s like when I bought EarthBound (awesome game btw) for the SNES for only seven dollars brand new at Bust Buy… I feel the same and wish I bought them all!

Paid full MSRP launch. All my darn friends picked it up clearance a year later.

HollowedEmpire wrote:
@ HonkeyKong
Wow, $30? What a steal! Is it in good shape?

I’m not terribly sure to be honest, it looks great to me but its only the 2nd VB I’ve seen in my entire life so I have nothing to compare it to. Its got a small nick on the left lens(not noticeable during play) and some scratches here and there but nothing disfiguring. As far as I can tell its in fantastic shape. I’m more then happy with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

My ace wife bought mine for my ‘cough’ 40th in 2008.
Wanted one from 1995 when first heard of it but being in europe never got released so i never even saw one til about 5 years back. That was in a local shop but they never got it working so i never bought it, always wanted to play one though so was real pleased to get a boxed almost perfect condition JPN one, not looked back, love it.

@ VirtualJockey
Ahhh… well of course they would, wouldn’t they? At least you got to be the first to experience all the glory that is VB though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

@ HonkeyKong
Sounds like it is in pretty great shape then! That’s pretty awesome I gotta say!

@ Hedgetrimmer
You sir, have an a wife with very excellent taste! Haha

I’m a virtual virtual boy. Meaning I STILL don’t have one. ๐Ÿ™

^ Haha.. but aww, that’ no bueno! Why not? Just didn’t get a good opportunity yet?

HollowedEmpire wrote:
^ Haha.. but aww, that’ no bueno! Why not? Just didn’t get a good opportunity yet?

Well, I did get one opportunity, but then I missed it and it was sold out. After that, I kinda forgot for a while because I got a Dreamcast. Plus I’m always low on cash. ๐Ÿ˜›

Got my first and three games at the Target on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis in 1996. Paid $30 and still have the VB, games, boxes, paper, etc. The people I was with thought I was nuts. I recall that they had probably had about fifty VBs in a big stack. If only I knew then what I know now… ๐Ÿ™

Got my second complete VB in a Blockbuster case w/ demo Red Alarm and AC tap about two years ago.

I’ve also picked up about 4 other head units and controllers loose over the years, all with glitchy displays. At least I know how to fix them now.


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