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A few days ago I saw on Yahoo Auction Japan a Dev Cartidge. Does anybody know how to built something like that by yourself or do I have to buy a cart?
The reason is I want to play the homebrew games on my VB-Baby πŸ˜‰

Hope someone can help me :o)

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A. This belongs in the dev forum.
B. This has been asked 1,000,000,000,000 times before.
C. It’s easily Google’d for.
D. We all know you really want it for piracy

(Only kidding on that last one :-D)

And now, I will take over KR155E’s body and use it to move this to the dev board. Switch… Ah… Roo…! πŸ˜€
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Hey, it’s MY body! >:Q
But thanks for moving the thread πŸ˜‰

OK, next time I will search through other posts first… πŸ™

Is there anybody who would sell a selfmade devcart?

I’m trying to design one right now. I have a few other people interested as well.

Problem is I don’t know how much money & effort would be needed to make them though.

I think 50$ should be enough.

hey I’m still intersted in buying one of those, lameboy, if you’re still working on it.

Hey Lameboy,

Im pretty interested in buying one of your Dev-cart too. On eBay perhaps?

My Virtual Boy Website


Go to http://projectvb.vze.com/
> Virtual Boy Development
> Reprogrammable Cart
> EPROM Cartridge (etc.)

I think this will help ^_^


I’ve seen that before but i thought maybe there’s someone who would built a devcart for money because I’m not so talentet with the solder iron…

I’m still working on it. After I finish designing it I’ll make one and test it.

Due to the size of the VB cart, it may not be possible to make a 2MB cart. If this happens, would any of you still be interested in a 1MB cart? It’d mean you couldn’t use 2MB games like Wario Land or Waterworld.

EDIT: Golf, Nesters Bowling, Wario Land & Waterworld.

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hell yeah…

do you guys think it would be possible to convert a gameboy advance flashcart for use with virtual boy?

I have a gba flashcart that I’m not using.

Of course it’s possible, but it’s not really feasible.

GBA carts use a weird multiplexed address/data bus, and the data width is (I think) only 8-bits.

If your cart has a regular flash chip in it, you might be able to modify it to make a flash programmer, by replacing the chip with a socket, but that’s about it.

How big is it? I’d like to buy a new one, but they’re just a bit too expensive for my budget, right now. Since you’re not using it… πŸ˜€

Any news so far you wanna share with us Lameboy ?

Only if you count doing absolutely nothing news. πŸ˜‰

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion I’ll have to make a normal flashcart first, in order to test my inline programmable flashcart.
Problem is I don’t have an (EP)ROM flasher yet, so I’ll also need to make one of those before I can test my first flashcart… πŸ™

f*** πŸ™

I will try it when I have enough time for it. This could be within the 6 months… πŸ˜‰


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