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Hello everbody!

I am a huge fan of Virtual Boy and I would like to program a game for it. But not as simple as the existing homebrewn games – I am not saying they are bad, I love Blox for example! 😀 – I would like to make something more complex. Like a platformer or RPG.

I have some programming skills, but not very much, and I am asking myself how complex games are realized. Object oriented I guess? But how exactly is a game – let’s say Zelda – layed out? How are the many aspects of the game realized and (most important) how does everything work together?

Maybe anybody as an idea of this and can explain it to me or point me to a place that can do so. Tutorials would be great!

Thanks, Bort

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Pick up the book:

Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus
by Andre LaMothe

Its an easy book to folow if you dont have a lot of C experience. And it is one of the few books that covers 2D game development (aka, zelda for the GBA). Dont mess with C++ especialy on the VB. You may be able to get away with simple class containers but inheratence will kill you. Besides for what we need a C struct is better since it maps so nicely to memory.


Hey, thanks for the tip. This sounds exactly like what I need! I will check amazon now 😀



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