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Hey ppl,

Its nice to see an updated VB forum. The right eye of my VB is displaying horizontal lines. I heard that you can open the VB and fix the issue. Problem is, I can’t open it! How do you open a VB?

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You can’t use a bit, because most of the holes are too deep and narrow. Look in the hardware section of PlanetVB or go to http://projectvb.vze.com/ and see how to modify a flat screwdriver.

hmm… thanks for that bit of info. I never opened one before, but that seller said that the bit would work so I just assumed that he was correct. I guess my 30 piece set will be useless if I ever need to repair my VB.

I’ve tested these bits and the don’t work, as RunnerPack said! Believe him! 5 of that 12 screws are too deep for that bit!

I have the same right eye problem. Is there a place that tells you how to fix that. I tried searching around the board and couldn’t find it. Any help would be great. Thanks.

AFAIK, pretty much all the cases of bad displays can be attributed to loose cables. After a decade, you have to expect some problems with consoles.

Since I have yet to find a bit deep enough to reach the bottom screws, you need to make your own.
Basically, all you really need is a flathead screwdriver and a file. A Dremel or something may be easier, but not everyone has access to those kinds of tools.

Project: VB has an information about converting a screwdriver on the Disecting the VB page.
The following information comes from The Unofficial Nintendo Virtual Boy Home Page:
“As a final thought to open a VB it is necessary to notch a flathead screwdriver to fit over the security screws on the VB. There are two sizes (one on the VB and one on the cartridge) so two screw drivers will be necessary.”

It’s also suggested that once you have the VB open, you replace the screws with normal ones.

…KR155E should really add this info to the site…


He has, just not in a very visible location…

This article by DogP has a description of his screwdriver modification in it.

i need help selecting stuff i pressed entr but it doesnet work


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