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I’ve heard talk of people playing the Tech Demos and other home brew games on the actual Virtual Boy. How is this done? I’m guessing just like the GBA and GBC with a RAM Cart. But where can I get one?

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Since there weren’t any backup units or such for the VB, you have to build a reprogrammable cartridge yourself. What you have to do is basically opening one of your games (Best choice would be a game with save ram like Teleroboxer, G. Pinball or Wario. Since you’ll destroy the game, better take Teleroboxer ;), and replacing the ROM chip with 2 sockets for Flash Chips. Project:VB has excellent building instructions. This will require some soldering skills and several hours of time, and you’ll also need an Eprom writer to write the roms to the flash chips.
BTW, who were those people talking about playing the homebrewn stuff on a real VB? Are there really other people than us few freaks doing it? 😀

I can’t remember where I heard it… it may have acutally been Death Adder but I havent talked to him for some time. I’m sorry I can’t remember I read somewhere about someone that was making a home brew game saying it ran well on the emu but not very smooth on the hardware.

i would pay some one a nice some of money to do this for me


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