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…I’m a long-time fan of the little red console. I remember being so impressed by the 3d effects back in 1996. Everytime I would get to go to the mall in town, I would find a way to play the thing. The first games I ever tried on those demo kiosks were Mario Tennis and, later on, Red Alarm. Red Alarm in particular was impressive to me since I was such a fan of Star Fox. Those memories are branded in my brain, I guess.

I still like Red Alarm, but let’s just say, Mario Tennis aged a bit better to me. I love RA’s graphics, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. Star Fox would have been simply super on the VB, though. Oh, the failed possibilites. The Virtual Boy had, and still has, so much gaming potential. I really hope the VB homebrew community, small though it seems to be, can manage to release a few games to add to the collection.

Anyway, I just thought I would introduce myself. I’m looking forward(and backwards, too) to enjoyable conversations with you guys.

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Welcome \^_^

Yes, welcome!

I still pull mine out and play Mario Tennis (before eye-distortion kicks in). Red Alarm is pretty fun, too. I am still looking forward to the day I snag a copy of v-tetris.

Yeah, i’m in the process of cleaning my old VB off and seeing if it’s got any distortion issues. Last time I played it(a few months ago), it was starting to act weird. If that’s the case, I may end up getting some gamebit screwdrivers and converting the VB to a type of headset.

My VB collection is quite pitiful, to be honest. I own Mario Tennis, Wario Land, and Red Alarm, and I can’t find Mario Tennis(go figure). I do intend to expand my collection when I can find the fundage. Hopefully sooner than later. 😉

There are loads of cheap VB games on ebay at the moment 🙂 Tekleroboxer, Vertical Force etc. Also, play-asia stock all the rare ones like Jack Bros. They’re quite expensive, but in mint condition. I reccomend Verticl Force. It’s one of my favourite VB games ^_^


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