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Hello, glad to be on these forums!

I’d really like to try out Vertical Force on a Virtual Boy emulator. I have it downloaded, as well as the final versions of both Red Dragon, and Reality Boy.

The game works on both of these emulators, but I’d REALLY like to be able to play it with my PC’s joypad-it’s a Saitek P220.

Unfortunately, I think you can only use Virtual Boy controllers with these emulators-but if anyone knows anything different, I’d love to know! Thanks!

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It might be possible to use software that remaps the joypad to keystrokes. I can’t remember any right now, nor have I used them.

You can use the program joytokey to map the buttons on your controller to the keystrokes used by the emulator.


Unfortunately, with the way the actual virtual boy controller is set up it’s hard to get a configuration that works well with games that use both D pads. Though it probably shouldn’t be too hard to find one that works well with Vertical Force.

The control config I use is actually reversed. 😛

I use the arrows as the left pad, Enter/R-Shift as Start/Select, W/A/S/D as the right pad, Q/E as L/R and L-Shift/L-Ctrl as A/B.

…But then again, I don’t do much emu playing. 😐

…And JoyToKey was the one i was thinking of, I couldn’t remember the name of it though. :vbsmile:
…But will it work with the emus? A while ago I remember trying to write something to emulate keystrokes, but Allegro (the engine used to run the emus) wouldn’t accept them.

You would be much happier connecting a VB controller to your computer. It will cost you about $5 ($10 if you dont have a vb controller) and makes the game play almost as good as the real thing.


But the level that the emulation is at leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you don’t have any shutter glasses to more accurately reproduce the the real VB experience. It would probably be a lot easier to simply buy a VB since they’re so cheap anyway.

I would agree, nothing will replace the real experience of using a VB. But if you are stuck with an emulator, for development or to play some rare game, your best bet (for the least amount of mony) is a pair of red/blue glasses and a VB controller wired to the paralel port.

Shutter glasses are a trick, since they don’t work on an LCD display (and I dont have a pair to test with). I will add in a fix to the next versoin of Reality Boy to stretch the images horizontaly. That should fix the shutter glasses (finaly)



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