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The new VB Mario game in development should continue this weekend, after the code writing getting stalled by my house getting struck by lightning and killing my computer… I’m getting my new computer parts to fix it this weekend… so WOOT! Just an update for those that haven’t been in the chat room (and to get this forum going πŸ™‚ )


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Woot! Hey nice to hear! Maybe we can have a small demo running on the Games Convention (on Red Dragon I think)? It could even be playable, although just being a screen with Mario hopping around…

Oh, now people who have not been in the chat room might be confused… To clear some things up:

1) VB Mario is the tentative title of a Mario Platformer DogP and I are making — or going to make, since hardly anything is done yet πŸ˜‰

2) The Planet Virtual Boy staff will be on Games Convention 2003 in Leipzig, Germany, and have some homebrewn games on display. With carts supplied by DogP, woot! πŸ˜€

Well, we will officially announce both points much more detailed in future updates to the site, so stay tuned.


Sure… what’s done already is playable (er… runnable, I wouldn’t call it playing yet πŸ˜› ), and I hope that we get at least a little more done with it before the show… and hopefully I’ll get those carts done for you soon so I can be sure that they’ll get there in time πŸ™‚ .


DOH!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t able to get what I needed at the computer show today, so it looks like it’s getting pushed back to Monday :(.


…Mario platformer?

As long as it doesn’t look like a crappy version of SMB for NES…
…That ones mine πŸ˜‰

Cool, how far are you with SMB? Will it have extra stuff like background at different parallaxes?

Our VB Mario will be a bit different, we want it to be like VB Mario Land, with different layers you can play in, maybe those Zelda-style underground areas and so on.


Well, I haven’t started Mario yet. I’ve only got as far as doing the Pause menu & Overworld map in Zelda.
So far my Mario will just be a bad cardboard cut-out look using the original NES version.

I’m planning to do Zelda, SMB and Metroid in similar fashions.

Here’s a mock up screenshot that shows how the game might look eventually:


Nice. Very nice.
Beats my version of a red NES πŸ˜‰

So will this be as good a production as say Wario Land on the virtual Boy,or will itbe pretty basic???

Also will someone be making carts for it or will it only be playable on an emulator,you know will someone be stripping down a mazza tennis cart and putting your vb mario land on it or will just the rom be available??

Of course we want it be at least as good as Wario Land, but that will be a very tough job and probably take years. We’ll do our best.

We will release the rom and, most likely, the source and level editor too, so people can make their own levels, mod the game etc.

I won’t bet on it, but I guess chances are good that we’ll release it on cartridges as well (if we can get professionally made PCBs). Not commercially of course, just a few dozen carts for the hardcore VB gamers out there for the cost of materials (around $30 I guess).

Don’t get too high hopes, though, Mario VB is a huge and ambitious project… maybe too big for two people working on it in their spare time :/


Hi all. Im new to the scene, and i would like to contribute. Im not too great at coding, ok, who am i kidding, i cant code. But im willing to do graphics, sound, and hardware development, for all its worth. Im going to try and hang in channel when i can, and partake in the VB community.

I have allready done graphics and sounds for the GB/C and PC, and tried my part in VB a long time ago, before the scene was as alive as it is today. Still concider me a total newbie tho. Im going to do what i can to get my hands on some more hardware so i can start running my own tests on crap.

If you need help with designing graphics, or coming up with game ideas, let me know, i have an idea for some really kick ass games, some of which can be played multiplayer, maybe even online with tunneling software.

Hope to contribute soon!
Foxx D’Gamma

welcome to our small cosy community =)

yea man i would be willing to fund the production of vb mario carts. I recently cam into some cash and I think it would be a good investment plus it would rock. email me at Jpunker182@yahoo.com

It would indeed rock, but at the moment it seems that Mario VB will become reality in the near future… having lifes suck ;/
Well, but Blox for example could be put on cart as well πŸ™‚

I remember there was some talk about getting a company to produce VB carts a while ago.
But due to the lack of funds, as well as the patent issues, it didn’t get far.

Does anybody know if Nintendo actually got the carts patented?

i have the funds, but i am not a programmer i dont not understand the technicalities of cart constrcution. though i do have the funds i would be willing to pay a few people for cart construction and for the cost of the matirails. I would then start a web site and we would make to order the carts or if demand was enough put them into production. As far as patents and legallities go i would research the topis thoerlghly as of now i am looking to find games to transfer into carts i am also looking for someone to pay for cart construction. if anybodyis interested please email me or instant message me at jpunker182b on aol instant messenger.

we must keep vb Alive!!

Let’s continue talking about the selfmade carts thing in this topic:


Hmm… well, since this post got bumped by a useless post, I guess I’ll post a new screenshot πŸ™‚ .




(Without the question mark…)


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