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The new VB Mario game in development should continue this weekend, after the code writing getting stalled by my house getting struck by lightning and killing my computer… I’m getting my new computer parts to fix it this weekend… so WOOT! Just an update for those that haven’t been in the chat room (and to get this forum going πŸ™‚ )


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I just got done reading this article:

Yeah, not exactly VB related, but if you scroll to the bottom…

“Sega-16: Finally, what recommendations do you have for aspiring homebrew programmers?

MT: Oh, that is an easy one! Simply contact us and we’ll help you develop your game and even fund and publish it if you’d like. We promote all game development and will help assist any party interested in making something new and wonderful for our aging but beloved vintage gaming consoles!”

I think that it may be worth it to contact this company about making carts. Unfortunately they almost certainly won’t be able to publish the Mario game you guys are working on due to licensing issues… But other homebrew games and the unreleased games with protos out are some possibilities.

So unless you have contacted them yet, it looks like it’s worth a shot.

HEEEY, That looks quite nice with the background and all. Now if we could just fix those physics…. πŸ˜‰

I would like to see more screenshots if this project is still alive πŸ™‚ It looks really sweet so far, and it would be really fun if it got released to the public πŸ˜‰

Progress on this has been slow, mostly updating the innards of the game, not much with how it looks :/ . I will definately be releasing it when I’m done though.


This looks SO exciting. Seriously. I’m sat here fucking grinning imagining a full-length mario platformer on the VB heh. Any updates on how the project is coming along? All my friends think the VB sucks (ignorant fools). I think a Mario game would sway their opinion slightly πŸ˜‰

Question for DogP-

If/when you finish this game and get it on a cart, how much would you be charging for a copy of it? A couple hundred? More? Just curious.

/me suddenly wishes he had time to finish Zelda VB. πŸ˜‰

Hell, I’ll buy one of those too, lol. Once you have the time, that is.

I’d like to buy one as well =)

Work has been slow on this recently, mostly because classes recently have been pretty tough (last year of EE degree), but it hasn’t been forgotten. I do plan on making carts, either designing a cart if nobody else has carts made by then, or using a cart already made if someone has them made.


What about the using existing Tennis/Baseball/Bomber carts alternative? πŸ˜‰

I’d love to use existing carts, but there’s no (readily) available programmable chips that work with the TSOP-II pinout, and an adapter would probably be more of a pain than making a new cart (especially since it’d probably be TSOP chip -> TSOP-II connection).


I meant taking the cart connector off the old cart board, and soldering it to a new board which would then fit inside the existing cart casing.

I have $500 worth of free PCB etching coming my way and I was thinking of churing out some blank VB Cart PCBoards. Mostly thoe I have not had time to finish the layout of the board. If anyone is interested I can send you what I have and you can finish it up for me. You would get some free PC boards for your effort. I have about 80% of everything layed out in Eagle Cad, you just need to fix some mistakes in the drawings and rout the board.


I’d be willing to take a shot at it. I already have some simple designs done (small, DIP, 256KB-ish carts)

Do your files work in the freeware version of Eagle?

Make sure you include any cusom components you used.


(Again, sorry for the double-post…)

BTW, how/where did you get $500 of free PCBs?!

Oh… yeah, I’m sure the connector is gonna have to come from another VB cart… and probably the case too. I can’t see it being worth having connectors made when they can be had MUCH cheaper from a Baseball or Tennis cart.

That’s sweet about the PCB stuff you’ve got David… that’d be awesome to see this happen. If there’s something I can do, let me know, but I’m not reallly an expert at the PCB stuff (I’ve only done a few simple ones that I sent to my plotter). Is the PCB stuff you have able to do vias, or only single sides?

And it’s good to see that you’re still around RP… I haven’t seen you on IRC in a while, and I hadn’t seen any posts from you recently either.

BTW, I’m working on MarioVB right now… I’m out of town for Thanksgiving, so I’ve got some free time. The biggest problem is that I split the code into multiple files (the code was getting REALLY hard to navigate), so I gotta get my includes and compile options correct (I was able to do it w/ VBGB, but it’s been a while so I gotta figure it out again).


Good luck DogP πŸ˜€

Hey, are putting your site back up again anything soon?

Yup, the site will hopefully be coming back online this weekend, or maybe next week. I’m working on the site updates right now, and working on another couple documents.


Hello. I am new to this brilliant concept and I can only hope to contribute anything that would prove useful. I would donate funds or assist in any way possible to see new games for the most overlooked and unexplored avenue video games have ever taken.

Good luck with this ambitious project!



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