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I know I’m on a topic spree here but I’m really interested in this whole vb stuff. I’ve been making stereoscopic images for a while now FOR THE FUN OF IT. Even making them out of sprites. and if you guys need stereoscopic sprites for your projects let me know! Especially for stuff like Mario Zelda or Metroid or whatever! I just need the palette of the VB and the size of the sprite and I’ll grab the old gfx from the nes or snes and make them up for you! NO problem man. Just let me know. :thumpup:

Furthermore simple 3d objects like blocks and stuff that are in most nes games I can make in 3d software and render them out as sprites/tiles too. So don’t take me for granted.

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I posted the colours in the faceball thread. You can basically set them to whatever you want with the exception of the final colour, which is generally always bright red/white anyway.

The problem would be getting the exact stereoscopic measurements for the VB screen. I have no idea how far away/apart the image would have to appear.

It is simple if you have the time to figure out the mathemathics, basically you take an arbitrary distance between each eye (e.g 384pixels) and a Z coordinate position toward de screen, and the distance between the images for left and right display is a function of the Z coordinate. Once you have it, you simple change de distance between the eyes and you can control the deep sensation… why dont you check my demo in the homebrew section? (Sorry for my bad english).


A new VB demo?!?

I’ve been out of the loop too long.

Its about time I put VeeBee Dev back up… 😉


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