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Hey everyone, new member here!

I remember drooling over reports on the VR32 back in 1995 (I would have been 12) and knowing that one day I’d own that as well as the coming Ultra 64…well a year or so later and I had the latter, and had completely forgotten the Virtual Boy which had sunk without a trace, and had never been released here in the UK.

A few years ago I got back into retro gaming and have a growing collection of old consoles, from the Colecovision through to the N64 and the PS3 and XBox 360…and just yesterday ordered a CIB unopened Japanese Virtual Boy.

It couldn’t come fast enough, I’m super excited, and have already emailed Richard about a FlashBoy Plus as well 🙂

So another convert just saying hi!

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Welcome the the interesting world of playing and collecting stuff for the Virtual Boy. Hopefully soon we will see the headstrap released which will increase Virtual Boy usability.

Welcome to the site!

Hello to you, fellow brit!

It’s very cosy in here, I think you’ll be nicely comfy.


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